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Curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. When all conditions are right, and the stars align you have a crowning glory of beautiful shining locks. But add a little bit of moisture or a sleepless night, and you’re looking at a bird’s nest. The thing about curly hair is that it is high maintenance. It needs careful understanding, the right products, and a lot of care. Here are 6 things all Curly Girls should know.


  1. There Are Several Different Types Of Curly Hair

The first thing to be aware of is that there lots of different types of curls. These can be split into three main categories of wavy, curly, and kinky/coily. Wavy hair is depicted by long, loose curls, while curly hair is tighter and has a typical s shape. Kinky/coily hair is tighter still and has a noticeable zigzag appearance. Blogs like classify it in more detail. It’s important that you’re familiar with your natural type of curls, as they need different styling products.


  1. Curly Hair Is Prone To Frizz

You’ll be familiar with this already, but you may not know why. Because of the structure of your curly hair, it’s harder for natural oils to penetrate the shaft. Therefore, it is prone to dryness and frizz. Hairdryers and straighteners can also dry out hair, adding to this problem. To counteract this, it is necessary to apply a conditioner created for frizzy or curly hair.



  1. It Sometimes Appears Dull

Though we would all like a head of glossy locks, curly hair is hard to shine. Unlike straight hair, light is unable to bounce off its surface due to the shape. So, from time to time it needs a little extra help in the form of serums or shining solutions.


  1. There’s Such A Thing As Plopping, And It Really Works

One of the best ways to dry curly hair is through plopping. It’s an easy, no-fuss technique. Wash your hair in the usual way but instead of drying, ‘plop it’ on top of your head and secure it with a cotton t-shirt. A t-shirt is good due to the smooth materials. It’s less rough than a towel. Depending on the length it may take a few hours to dry, but the curls will keep their shape. Once dry, all you’ll need to do is tease it into shape with your fingers. As a bonus tip, leave it to dry overnight to save time in the morning.


  1. Curly Hair Is Versatile

As we know, curly hair is difficult to manage, and it can be tiresome at times. If it’s getting on your nerves and you feel like a change you can swap it for several different looks in the comfort of your own home. Find hair straighteners that work for your hair type. Sites like review the best devices. You can swap your unruly curls for a wavy look, or go the full monty with a ruler-straight style.


  1. The Cut Matters

Curly hair behaves differently when it gets long. The weight of the hair pulls and elongates the curls. If you’re looking for loose tresses, then a long cut will work well. However, to define the curls you’ll need to add a few layers.


Curly hair is beautiful, sexy, and extremely frustrating. Understanding it fully will help you find the best products and styling accessories, and help you tame its unruly nature.

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