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As a beauty addict myself, I am always looking for the best places to have my nails done. But in terms of nail salons, for me, it is not all about glitz and glam, but mostly about cleanliness and efficiency.

Since I travel a lot for business around the U.S., sometimes I cannot go to my regular nail technician in New York. Here are some tips on how I find the best nail salons when I am traveling and what you need to know before visiting one.

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Learn how to clearly communicate your needs.  The right nail technician can be excellent, but they are not mind readers. You need to explain, in detail, what do you want, or don’t want to have done. Also, communicate in advance if you have any disease (such as diabetes, where they cannot use certain kinds of tools) that may impact their decision-making when assisting you.

Don’t shave your legs right before your pedicure. This is a common mistake that many people make and can result in a rash or infection. It is better to do so afterwards.

Be on the lookout, especially if it is your first time at this specific salon. Ask about how they disinfect their tools. They should disinfect all of the tools. Depending on the state’s laws, some tools may be single-use items. Be sure to check your state’s cosmetology rules and regulations to know what tools are approved or banned, and how they are required to be cleaned. For example, the nail techs must use abrasive pads and/ bits only once per customer. Look at the floors and surroundings. A clean salon is extra important since it is very easy to catch an infection from a bacteria due to lack of cleanliness.


Do the technicians wear gloves? Gloves can help reduce the transfer of bacteria from client to client.

If you are still not comfortable, bring your own tools. Invest in your own tool kit and carry it with you. This is the safest and best way. I personally do this.

Bring your own nail polish. I prefer to buy my own colors since the nail polish lasts longer since I can reapply the color on my fingernails (as needed) to match the pedicure (since the fingernails peel faster than toenails). NOTE: I personally do not like gel because it weakens my natural nails.

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Choose wisely. Make sure to check if the salon has an online presence and read reviews from other customers. I also use a website which helps me find the best nail salons near me, where ever I am in United States. “Near me finds” has a directory, divided by state. This saves me lots of time and effort!

Which is the best nail salon for you? Tips for finding the best one and what you should know before your next appointment

Last but not least, be polite and be a Socially Conscious Nail Salon Customer. Courtesy is contagious and these technicians work very long shifts for minimum wage. Many of them also live mostly on tips. Be aware how the salon owner treats them. I refuse to support owners who mistreat their employees.

I hope that these tips not only help you to find the best nail salons in the U.S. quickly and easily but, also, that they help you maintain the beauty and health of your nails forever. Enjoy!








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    Before choosing the nail salon you can take the help of internet or your friends and known ones as they will guide you well which is the best salon for it although internet is the best medium to see it and find out as you can check the ratings and reviews of that salon which you have chosen.

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