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Palawan is often regarded as one of the most beautiful places to visit in all of The Philippines, and it’s no surprise why. Palawan is a very popular place to visit as it boasts beautiful coastlines, stunning water that’s full of snorkeling opportunities and great food and people. So it’s no surprise that Palawan is home to some amazing beaches! Well, below I’m going to take you through the 7 best beaches in Palawan that I’ve visited so far. 


1. Bali Beach 

When people think of Coron, they often think that all the best beaches and sights are located on Coron Island, not in the town itself. Well, they’re wrong! Coron Town is home to some really beautiful and secluded beaches that are perfect for relaxing.

bali beach in coron

One of those beaches is Bali beach. This is just a few minutes drive from the popular Manquit Hot Springs in Coron. It’s a small secluded beach and there was no one around when we visited. It’s privately owned and you can either pay a small entrance fee or pay for some drinks (which weren’t expensive). There is a little swing and some seating areas (and a really lovely doggy), and it offers stunning views out over the islands in the bay. It’s a perfect place to relax for a couple of hours with some local beer or soft drinks. 

How to get to Bali Beach: It’s easy to get to Bali beach via moped in Coron for around 300 pesos per day. Moped is the easiest way to access all the sights in Coron. But alternatively, you can arrange a tuk-tuk to take you there and wait for you to take you back.

bali beach coron

2. Cabo Beach 

Cabo beach is a popular spot in Coron and when we visited there were quite a few people relaxing, swimming and having fun! There is an entrance fee of 25 pesos per person. There are also little huts you can relax in if you want to protect yourself from the sunshine. They cost 200 pesos per hut, so if you’re sharing with other people, it’s not expensive. The water looks very inviting here, so it’s a really popular spot to swim or snorkel. You can buy some drinks at this beach too. 

How to get to Cabo Beach: Again, the best way to get to Cabo beach is via moped. From Coron town centre it’s around a 30 minute drive. Or you can arrange a tuk-tuk to drive you there and wait for you. We saw quite a few people do this at Cabo beach. 

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3. Nacpan Beach 

Nacpan beach is located in El Nido and it owns the title of “most beautiful beach in Asia” and I agree. This is definitely one of the best beaches in Palawan and one of my favourites in the world! This beach stretches for 4 km and is lined with stunning palm trees, beautiful sand and some of the most inviting and cleanest water ever. There are a couple of beach bars/restaurants which are great for catching the sunset, or if you walk for 1 km (or further) up the beach, you’ll suddenly realise you’ve got the whole place to yourself which is epic. This is a great place for swimming, sunbathing and you can even go glamping on this beach, which honestly looks amazing. I seriously struggled to leave this beach.

nacpan beach in el nido

How to get to Nacpan Beach: From El Nido town you’ve got two main options. You can either rent a moped for around 300 pesos and it’s around a 50 minute drive from El Nido town. Or, you can take advantage of the Nacpan Beach Shuttle that runs a variety of times to and from Nacpan Beach daily. 

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nacpan beach

4. Seven Commandos Beach 

This is another one of the best beaches in Palawan. It’s typically the last stop on an El Nido Tour A island hopping adventure, but it can be visited independently too via a stay at the Vellago Resort. This is a stunning stretch of white sand and it’s got super clear water that’s perfect for snorkelling. There is also a volleyball area set up on the beach and a couple of pop up beach bars selling delicious Filipino rum (which is some of the best rum I’ve ever had). 

This beach has also got a cool history. It’s said that 7 soldiers used to live here on this island, hence the name. But if you go on a tour guide, they’ll usually give you a unique spin on the story.

How to get to Seven Commandos Beach: You can access this beach by participating in El Nido Tour A, which is a fantastic tour that includes other amazing stops. Seven Commandos beach is usually your last stop, which makes it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning area. 

Seven Commandos Beach

5. Port Barton Beach 

Port Barton is the up and coming contender of Palawan, and they actually only actually got 24 hour electricity in 2018! Port Barton is stunning and has some amazing beaches. The main strip of beach in Port Barton is a contender. This is an epic location for sunsets, and there are lots of beach bars lined along so you can enjoy a cocktail with an amazing view. There are also some really great “outdoor” massage shops on this beach, so head for an after dinner massage, it’s really relaxing.

This is also a beautiful beach to swim in too. However, sometimes it can be filled with jellyfish. Basically ask the locals whether the jellyfish are visiting and then you’ll know whether to swim or not. We swam in the water fine, and it was blue, beautiful and everything you expect from one of the epic beaches in Palawan. 

Port Barton beach

Port Barton still isn’t on every backpackers radar yet which means the whole area still retains its rustic charm, but this will change in the coming months and years, so it’s best to visit these areas before they become over-toursity! 

How to get Port Barton Beach: If you’re already in Port Barton then simply walk to the beachfront and you’ll be there, or if you need to get to Port Barton from El Nido or Puerto Princesa, then simply get a shuttle. They run frequently and are not expensive. 

port barton sunset

6. White beach, Port Barton 

This is another popular beach in Port Barton that’s picture perfect. This stunning stretch of white sand has a backdrop of beautiful lined palm trees coupled with turquoise waters. This is a perfect place to relax, swim, sunbathe and just be in the moment. Jungle Bar is close by to White Beach if you fancy a bite to eat or a cold drink in the heat. 

How to get to White Beach: You’ve actually got a couple of options when getting to White Beach. You can either get a boat shuttle, which is the most popular option. This costs 300 pesos return and if you split that between two people, it’s very cheap. You can also walk to white beach. It’s a 4 km journey both ways, and it’s also possible to rent mopeds, but they are rare and when we visited, the only rental shops we could find had already given away all their mopeds! 

Your final option is to kayak there. It will take around 40 minutes and I’m sure you’ll stop at various beautiful view points along the way for photos. Kayak rental can be taken out at a day rate or a half day rate if you negotiate. Typical prices range from 500 pesos for a single kayak and 700 pesos for a double for a day rental rate. 


7. Nagtabon Beach, Puerto Princesa 

When people visit Puerto Princesa, they typically stick to two main sights: the underground river and island hopping. But, Puerto Princeasea is actually home to some beautiful beaches. They tend to be more popular with locals, but I think they’re worth a visit. 

One of my favourite beaches in Palawan is Nagtabon Beach. It’s an awesome beach to swim in, relax, grab a bite to eat and sunbathe or surf. But it’s also got some EPIC views on the drive down. You have to dive up various “hills’ ‘ before you begin your descent to reach the beach, but when you hit the top, stop and take in the view of the stunning Nagtabon beach from above alongside the rest of the coastline. It’s truly epic. 

Because these beaches are less popular with tourists, if you visit during the week, you’ll likely have the whole place to yourself which is pretty cool! 

How to get to Nagtabon Beach: The best way to reach this beach is renting a moped in Puerto Princesa and driving there. It’s about an hour drive from the main area of Puerto Princesa town. I don’t currently know of any other alternative way to get to this beach other than driving there yourself. 

Nagtabon Beach

So there you have it, my list of the best beaches in Palawan! I hope some of these beaches have now made your bucket list and regardless of where you choose to visit, you’ll be impressed by the sheer beauty of The Philippines. 


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