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Casa Esperanza New York para Mujeres y Ninos was founded by Gina Cuneo Ramos MS, RN, FNP, in 2005 with a small vision to provide stronger supportive services to minority women living in urban communities. The vision and expansion of Casa Esperanza para Mujeres y Niño’s has expanded due to the partnership with Takiysha McLeod, MS/MPH, RN. Both women have extensive experience in community health nursing, servicing communities disproportionality affected by HIV, DV, and homelessness. For the past 3 years, Casa Esperanza has hosted over 35 successful events throughout Brooklyn New York focusing on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention; nutrition; shelter outreach; women health education and supportive services. The organization has serviced over 150 individuals and families at each community outreach event; including distributing hot meals and providing HIV testing, educational resources and linkages to other Community Based Organizations, with testing being provided in collaboration with Exponents.

In 2011, the organization started their first international initiative providing supportive services to 80 orphans at Casa Rosada, an orphanage that services HIV positive children from the age’s 0-18years old that have been abandoned by their loved ones. Long term goals include opening Supportive Housing for women transitioning from homeless shelters with Casa Kids daycare on site, which will also include a recreation center in the community of East New York Brooklyn. The center will provide nutritional meals; parenting support; case management for domestic violence survivors/ HIV positive women; HIV preventative services; and after school/ weekend activities to over 10,000 women in the borough of Brooklyn.

They will be expanding their annual international HIV prevention and supportive services to reach over 5,000 women in various areas of the Caribbean which includes our newest initiative, “Casa de Esperanza” in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, the home of the Suarez family, who have generously provided in kind space to Casa Esperanza to manage. We are planning a program working with the Domestic Violence community in Puerto Rico, empowering those affected by Domestic Violence.

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