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Bonjour fashion and film aficionados,

I know it is difficult that we have to wait for a whole year to enjoy The Festival de Cannes in France. I love to say “Oh j’adore!!!!” what the celebrities wear.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite outfits…Which one do you prefer? Comment below.

Podium of the day:

1. Sienna Miller

28A195B500000578-3080324-image-a-334_1431545857409 28A1816600000578-3080324-Blue_tiful_Member_of_the_jury_for_2015_Sienna_Miller_graced_the_-a-186_143154097944528A1624700000578-3080324-image-a-216_1431541787149 28A16EE800000578-3080324-image-a-121_1431539734910

2. Naomi Watts



3. For Others stars… Rendez vous demain pour le deuxième podium du Festival International du Film à Cannes*…



Pictures sources

* See you tomorow for the second podium for the International Film Festival in Cannes.

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