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It was just another day in the Big apple. I was running around the city on rush hour. It was raining non-stop, but rain or shine the show must go on. I stopped by a salon on 5th avenue to get my hair and make-up done with Ariel Vega of Bella on Demand. Bella do knows how to get me ready for work. Right after I left the salon, I went straight to work, although I cannot really call it work since it is truly my passion. Being a writer, blogger and reporter is just part of my life. My assignment of the day was to interview someone who I admire greatly. He inspires me with his personality, determination, drive, and of course with his Million Dollar Listings! The one and only, Million Dollar Listing New York Luis D. Ortiz.

Luis D Ortiz 8

Luis D Ortiz

Luis D Ortiz 9

For those of you  that are not familiar with Million Dollar Listing New York Luis D. Ortiz, you should google him. He is a funny, humble and a very inspiring man who happens to be a native of Puerto Rico (specifically Guaynabo) as I am. He left the island at an early age, 16 years old, to make his dreams come true. He is a living example of the American Dream. Luis grew up with his mother, father, and twin brother, Daniel who he describes as his “extension”. He did not leave Puerto Rico by himself, his twin brother accompanied him on this adventure!  They left without telling their parents instead they left a note for them stating, “If I don’t do this, how do I know if it’s going to work or not?” Currently,  he is a licensed real estate salesperson working for Douglas Elliman and he has worked as a real estate broker in New York City for the past seven years and has helped major players — from partners at Goldman Sachs to actors, singers, and top chefs — find their perfect homes. He lives in Battery Park City near Goldman Sachs with a view of the Hudson River.  Ortiz was part of the cast of the season 2 and 3 of Million Dollar Listing New York alongside Fredik Eklund and Ryan Serhant and has continued with them to Season 4 which is set to premiere tomorrow April 15th at 10:00pm.

Luis D Ortiz 7

Luis D Ortiz 3

Luis D Ortiz 6The Dreams in Heels Team got the opportunity to sit one on one with Ortiz in his office at Douglas Elliman Real Estate. We found Ortiz eating his favorite chocolate, M&Ms, we laughed out loud together, we spoke about some serious topics such as the current crisis in Puerto Rico, we spoke about his sense of fashion, he gave latinos a great message in Spanish and much more. Watch the video and comment below!

You can click here as well to watch the interview.

Photo Credit: Tutti del Monte Photography

Video by: Petra Petrovich

Hair and Make-up: Bella on Demand

2 thoughts on “Dreams in Heels Exclusive Interview with Million Dollar Listing New York Luis D. Ortiz”

  1. Avatar
    evangeline quintana

    Thanks for your interview with Luis. I’ve seen just about every episode of million dollor listing new york. If I were fortunate to Ever have the financial wherewithal to purchase a property (I was born & raised in El Barrio- of Puerto Rican parentage-Viva P.R.!), I would only work through Luis. Regardless of social media innuendo with respect to Luis’ work ethic, let me say that I have found Luis to be the Most honest and hardworking broker, as opposed to the other more *flashy* self-promoting brokers. I am currently looking to purchase a Very low-cost property i(I’m retired) in Puerto Rico–even under the current financial crisis there, because I hope to contribute in some way to my la isla del encanto (as my mother always made sure to tell me was my privileged heritage). To Luis I say, keep up your dream, palante siempre!

    1. Dreams in Heels
      Dreams in Heels

      Hello Evangeline,

      I agree with you about Luis. He is such an amazing person, very honest, hardworking and humble. I really hope that you can make all your dreams come true. It is great to give back to our beautiful island and community. I am originally from Bayamon, Puerto Rico but I moved to New York at 18 years old.I hope to buy some houses myself in the future. I am really glad that you like the interview.

      Best wishes,

      Olga Maria

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