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Some people love traveling, but they think this means they have to sacrifice their style in order to be comfy! That’s not true at all. You can still travel in comfort and look amazing while you do it. How? Read on…


Go for luxury flats – instead of wearing heels, go for a gorgeous pair of luxury style flats instead. They don’t have to be expensive, they can just look that way! Something in black or nude, maybe with a pointed toe and an ankle strap is perfect. You’d only regret wearing heels to the airport anyway. If you don’t like ballet style flats, then a nice pair of boots can look just as good.


Leggings – leggings are an amazing travel staple. A black pair should be in every woman’s wardrobe. They are so much more comfortable than jeans when you’re sitting on a plane, and they look far classier than a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Black is the ultimate color to wear while traveling, as it’s so easy to hide any mishaps with plane lunch/drinks and is universally flattering!


Tunic tops – a tunic top looks incredible with a pair of leggings; finding something nice and floaty will definitely make it feel like holiday. You won’t be too hot when you get to where you’re going either. The great thing about tunics and leggings is that you can wear them with a great jacket or cardigan, which you can then take off on arrival if it’s too warm. Planes can get cold!
Don’t forget an amazing bag to keep your things in either. Take a look at those below!


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