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Whether you’ve got an interview for the job of your dreams on the horizon, or you just think your wardrobe could do with a little bit more elegance, it can be tricky to bring luxury to your style without spending too much cash. Of course, you could max out every credit card ever and throw money at designer labels, but that’s the easy option (in the short term at least). Or you could get smart, get crafty, and go vintage vixen.


  1. Experiment with retro pieces

If you’ve got a keen eye for a bargain, a thrift store or vintage shop is a treasure trove. While some pieces are inevitably vastly overpriced, if you seek hard enough, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Vintage items are perfect for bringing luxury to your wardrobe. Traditionally, clothes were made to last – none of this fast fashion we have now was around. So fabrics, stitching, and styles were all far higher quality. Just think about it – if it’s lasted 60 years to end up in your hands, there’s a good chance it’ll last a fair while longer.


  1. Choose rich fabrics

Rich fabrics don’t have to cost the earth. Silks, velvets, and satins are are beautifully luxurious, but even brand new they are the cheapest they’ve ever been. An item of clothing in a rich, luxurious fabric can take an outfit to the next level. A red silk dress is eminently beautiful, classy, and as long as you shop around, affordable. For a more laid-back style, a pair of velvet ankle boots is a pretty and edgy addition to an outfit, which brings luxury to the look without being too in your face.


Vintage Vixen: Five Top Tips For Adding A Touch Of Vintage Luxury To Your Wardrobe


  1. Hire a tailor

If you’re using thrift stores to discover your new style, find yourself a tailor you trust. A poorly fitting but stunning dress, blazer, or shirt can be turned into the most flattering item of clothing, and still cost you a tiny percentage of what you would have paid for a designer label. Part of the secret of luxury fashion is clothing which fits perfectly – it automatically looks like you spent a lot on it. So a good tailor is the perfect person to add to your phonebook.


  1. Don’t turn your back on color

Many people think that turning their style monochromatic is the way to bring a sense of luxury to their outfit. And while that works in principle, it can get a bit dull. Color is not the enemy of luxury style; it just has to be slightly more considered. Rich, jewel-like colors are perfect, and really easy to wear. If you want to push the boat out, monochrome with bright accessories or a bright lip allows color into your look, without making it OTT.



  1. Avoid overdoing it

Less really is more. A simple, elegant necklace of a gold chain or a string of pearls is luxury to a tee. When you start to layer too many colors, fabrics, metals or styles, it can become more Barbara Cartland than Marilyn Monroe.


Style is exactly what you make of it, but if you want to bring luxury into your wardrobe, but don’t want the associated price tag, try vintage stores (vintage vixen), shop smart, and most importantly, hire a tailor.



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