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You know that one friend who always seems to have an endless supply of money to travel the world? You know, the one whose Instagram haunts you and fills you with equal parts jealousy, pride and rage. Unless this person was born into wealth, they are probably funding their travels with some sort of work while traveling and there is nothing stopping you from doing the same thing. It may be scary to quit a stable, 9-5 job, but taking a year to travel the world is something you will never regret. Plus, if you can work out a sabbatical with your current employer, you won’t be stressed during your travels about starting over from scratch once you go back home. So, put aside your fears and consider going after one (or all five) of these easy ways to make money while traveling.

  1. Get a Server or Bartending Job

Finding work in a restaurant, coffee shop or bar can be easy, even if you have zero experience. You will probably be better off sticking to touristy areas when looking for work, since establishments that cater to tourists are far more likely to hire someone that will make tourists feel more at home. Plus, many of these jobs will need extra employees during peak tourist seasons, which means there is usually a time frame built into the position. If you want more of a local experience, you can certainly go after a job at a spot where the locals hang out. Just know that it may not be as easy to score a job, since many establishments would rather hire a local before they hire a foreigner. You may have to jump through some hoops to prove yourself, but the payoff will be worth it.

  1. Be an Au Pair

If you love being around children, being an au pair is a pretty brilliant way to make money while traveling. Sure, you’ll be more or less chained to one place for a specific amount of time, but it’s a safe and stable way to get to know a new city and culture. Usually, job requirements include housekeeping, cooking and of course, taking care of the children. Most au pairs live with the family they work for, which means that accommodation and meals are usually provided on top of a salary. Obviously, it helps if you actually have experience caring for children and are able to speak the local language of wherever you are.

  1. Take to the Skies

Flight attendants basically get paid to travel the world. While they generally have a home base and can’t really experience the many countries they fly to, since they usually spend one night there before hopping on a different flight, flight attendants get some amazing perks. Not only do they get to meet hundreds and thousands of people every day, they also get as much as 90% off flights and low fares for family and friends. Some airlines even let you and a family member travel for absolutely free on their off days. It may require you to show up at the gate in the hopes that there are extra seats you can grab, but that’s a small price to pay for a free flight to wherever you want to go.

  1. Work Freelance

Finding an array of online and remote jobs is potentially the best way to make money while traveling. Unlike the above four options, working remote enables you to go wherever you want, whenever you want. All you really need is a working laptop and an internet connection. Plus, there are countless ways you can make money remote, such as writing for online publications and working as a website designer. You can even tutor from afar through Skype and FaceTime. There are also a lot of websites that help connect freelancers with people who need odd jobs done, like quick transcription work and simple admin work.


  1. Flex Your Teaching Skills

There are quite a few countries that are known for being incredibly attractive to fluent English speakers who want to teach abroad. It’s definitely one of the most common ways to work in a different country and culture from your own, and if you ask around, there’s a pretty good chance you already know a handful of people who have done it. Countries like Korea, Thailand and Japan are known for being great countries to teach in and many offer accommodations as part of the position. Teaching English in Korea is a great way to make money while you explore the country. Also, why not consider traveling around Thailand while working abroad.  It is a great country for Digital Nomads!


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5 Easy ways to make money while traveling!







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    I really enjoyed reading all your suggestions and especially liked the idea of freelancing! It hadn’t occurred to me. Thanks for the great post!

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