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With the arrival of summer come a slew of travel plans. There are so many options out there! You can opt to sunbathe on some Hawaiian beaches, explore the Great Barrier Reef, ride scooters through the streets of Milan, or drink wine with the Northern Lights in Iceland. No matter where you end up though, there are a few travel essentials that you simply must have for your travel adventures this summer.



Portable Charger

If there is one thing you will probably be using a lot, it is your cell phone. From using it for directions to snapping photos and videos, most people are on their phones all day while traveling and may not be able to get to an outlet to charge it as often as they need. Instead of running the risk of your smartphone dying, get a portable charger that you can juice up at night. Most portable chargers nowadays can pack enough battery life to charge your phone at least twice before you have to charge the device again. Plus, there are some that have several power ports, so you can use it to charge your other smart devices, like a tablet and Fitbit.



Take our advice and leave your designer sunglasses at home when traveling. No matter how much you prepare for your trip, you can never know what will happen while exploring, which means that there is always the possibility that your sunglasses can get broken, lost or stolen. Instead, find a cool pair of affordable sunglasses that look designer without breaking the bank. Consider picking frames that are classic and stylish, such as retro cat-eye sunglasses or some cool aviators.


The Right Bag

For those of you who carry a purse, the best kind to have while traveling is a cross-body bag. Since you will be on-the-go, it isn’t practical to have anything too big, so leave your designer bags at home. Pastel colors are definitely in this summer, but if you want something that will go with every outfit, you can never go wrong with a classic black. Plus, no matter where you are, theft is always going to be a possibility. If safety is something you worry about that, slinging a bag across your body will make it more difficult to grab.


Protect Your Phone

Whether you go somewhere that’s freezing cold or incredibly hot, you need to remember to protect your smartphone. Cell phones don’t always do very well when exposed to extreme temperatures and it may not be something that you will necessarily think about when making your packing list. But having your phone shut off due to overheating or freezing right when you are about to take the perfect photo seriously sucks. Trust us. Plus, many brands out there make cases that are not just weatherproof, they’re also waterproof, snow-proof, dirt-proof and shock resistant. Find a sturdy phone case before heading out on your big adventure—you’ll be glad you did.



While you may not need headphones while exploring a new city, you will need them while spending hours on planes – especially if you are flying international. Nothing will ruin a flight quicker than having to deal with your fellow passengers’ insistent talking, coughing or sneezing – not to mention the dreaded possibility of a crying baby. Even the sound of the plane’s engines can be enough to bother some people. Make sure to find a noise-cancelling pair, so that the headphones really will drown out all other outside noise. Plus, if you forget earplugs and want to sleep, you can just leave your headphones on without playing anything so you can get some quiet shut-eye. They are even a good idea to have if you plan to spend a lot of time on public transportation.


Lightweight Jacket

When it comes to traveling, the general rule of thumb is to wear the bulkiest items on the plane (like hiking shoes and jackets), so that you will have more room in your suitcase for other clothes and goodies. Taking a stylish lightweight jacket is a great way to look good while being practical. Not only will it pack super well, you will be able to layer it with other sweaters and tops, so that you can stay warm on chilly nights.


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Summer Must-Haves for Your Travel Adventures

Summer Must-Haves for Your Travel AdventuresSave


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