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Who is Dr. Shellie… the Leader of the Empowering Women Movement?

Dr. Shellie Hipsky was just honored as a “2015 National Association of Professional Women VIP Woman of the Year”! Dr. Shellie is interviewing 100 women from around the globe for Empowering Women Radio as the basis of her 6th book, Common Threads. Voted “Best Business Woman” of 2013 in Pittsburgh, Hipsky produced and hosted the globally viewed TV talk show “Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie.” In 2014, she received the “Exceptional Artist Award” and was inducted into the Pittsburgh Fashion Hall of Fame. A performer and volunteer, her acting/singing talents have helped raise over $100,000 for homeless children in shelters. Shellie Hipsky was recognized as an Official Super Professor in the top 200 academics worldwide by Faculty Row. The personal mission of this mother of two is to educate, entertain, and inspire internationally.

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What is Empowering Women Radio and Common Threads? 

Dr. Shellie Hipsky and Inspiring Lives International searched the globe for empowered and successful women to be interviewed for Empowering Women radio and Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s sixth book, Common Threads. The top 100 are going out daily on Soundcloud for listening anytime, anywhere… as a free resource for women to learn from other incredible women. Empowering Women Radio explores the personal stories of ladies and illuminates their strategies for everything from achieving life balance to manifesting goals. A countless number of nominations poured into the website.

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What is the “Global Sisterhood”?

Something almost magical happened as the words of these women went viral… at… Others started taking notice. One such lady is from Pakistan who wears a veil  living in a male dominated society. In a land where many women are denied education she has a master’s degree. Many are not allowed to be employed and she works as woman’s rights activist through SAWERA. In the part of rural Pakistan where she lives, females are not part of decision making but yet, she decided to reach out to the United States-based Empowering Women Radio. Hena Gul listened to Dr. Shellie’s interview with “Empowered Girl – Empowered World” conference leader Haseena Patel in South Africa. It is through Haseena that Dr. Shellie skypes in to schools to work with Power Circles of teenage girls in South Africa. Hena reached out to Empowering Women Radio and she was introduced to ladies with similar missions. After she bonded with Dr. Shellie and the connections were formed with incredible women around the world… Hena created the phrase a “Global Sisterhood” for what we are experiencing through Empowering Women.

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What Questions Are Being Answered Through the Interviews?

Although some of the interviews were conducted over the phone and Skype… Dr. Shellie Hipsky is traveling to many locations including LA and NYC interviewing women who have realized and achieved their own versions of success in their fields. From women from humble beginnings who are millionaires to a Broadway star… Hipsky is interviewing 100 successful empowered women while on sabbatical from her professor position at Robert Morris University. Common Threads will answer questions (including but limited to) based on the interviews from 100 women internationally: 1) how they found success; 2) obstacles they have faced; 3) strategies that helped them achieve, 4) how they juggle it all, and 5) what wisdom would they give the women of the world?

girl power - empowering womenWhat will I receive and what does the Kickstarter fund?

There are fantastic Rewards for pledging to support Empowering Women that can be found on the Kickstarter page. Also… because there are so many fabulous women business leaders involved you will receive a little “Surprise Swag” as an extra reward if you donate over $100 to Empowering Women from a women supportive business! Please pledge today because the $13,000 goal must be reached before Friday the 13th to collect the Kickstarter funds for production costs, to pay for the “Mommy Army” to type up the 100 transcripts, and other promotional materials. Together we are stronger… We will meet our goals as a true Global Sisterhood!



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