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When Dreams in Heels learned that Robert De Niro had launched a premium vodka brand, VDKA 6100, we were very excited to learn more. De Niro uses the freshest seasonal whey from grass-fed New Zealand cows and natural spring water, and it’s triple distilled to its purest form and charcoal-filtered to eliminate all impurities. It has been available since early 2014, and it is the perfect evening cocktail. Now, combined with his wife, Grace Hightower’s coffee brand (Coffee of Grace), it’s perfect for day and evening pick-me-ups!


Featuring medium, dark and espresso roasts with subtle hints of flavors like chocolate, caramel, raisin, cherry and citrus, Grace Hightower De Niro’s namesake coffee line provides a generous selection for java enthusiasts in search of a new flavor experience. Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda also has a delicious cocktail recipe using one of her own blends, and a very special ingredient, to create the perfect drink for every occasion.

Coffees-Rwanda Grace Hightower

More than satisfy coffee lovers–the coffee company honors and benefits the farmers behind it. Dedicated to helping the Rwandan community, Grace Hightower partnered with local coffee growers to create products that celebrate the rich, diverse flavors found throughout the region while also promoting direct sourcing, fair trade and ethical, environmentally-friendly practices. Each year, Grace makes frequent trips to Rwanda where she visits the coffee farmers who work so diligently to help produce her namesake line.

deniros wife

Dreams in Heels obtained the special recipe for you. By combining VDKA 6100 and Hightower’s Coffee, they create Coffee with love on top: A refreshing vodka-infused coffee cocktail.

Photo Source: ABC News
Photo Source: ABC News

Whichever way you choose to enjoy the Coffee with Love on Top, it’s a savory alternative to your regular java boost just in time for thirst-day or for a fun friday date night! Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

IMG_2658 (1)

“Coffee With Love On Top”
2oz VDKA 6100
.75oz simple syrup
2oz GHCOR espresso
Whipped cream top



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