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If you happen to be around the Naples, Florida then head out to Berkshire Lakes and check out “El Gran Hallacazo” on December 6th, 2014 and December 13th starting at 6pm-10pm. This event is all about Venezuelan cuisine, traditional food, and food trucks. Most of all you will experience the Venezuelan culture with many global influencers, international chefs, cooks, entrepreneurs, artists, models, and Venezuelan talents. The executive chef of this prestigious worldwide event is Chef Carlos La Cruz.

Epicurean Corner: Venezuelan Cuisine at El Gran Hallacazo Worldwide!

El Gran Hacallazo is organized by the Avenext Organization and it has a very strong and powerful mission. It is to take Venezuelan cuisine to every single corner of the world to create food festivals related with every single Venezuelan holiday and it is food from all around the world! What they are also doing that is even so much more amazing is that will be taking donations with the participation of restaurants, chefs , hotels, businesses and foundations in several countries such as Venezuela , Switzerland, Peru, Panama, Mexico, Italy, England, Holland, France, Spain, USA, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Colombia. So go out with your family enjoy good food and expect to have a great time.

“The main goal is to help families facing economic difficulties to fill their Christmas trees and tables, with gifts and food to enable them to enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner.”

Executive Chef. Carlos La Cruz


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