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Hello Dreams in Heels Blog readers! My name is Sylvie and I am 27 years old. I am a french lifestyle blogger, living in the North of France. I met Olga Maria through social media and I love how she shared her Latina roots during her career so when I decided to collaborate with DIH blog, I wanted to  speak about my Mediterraneans roots and my beauty rituals. Mediterranean girls are easy to differentiate: skin slightly matte, thick brown hair, eyelashes long, brown eyes and we love Argan Oil.

Winter is coming and I always need special treatments for my skin and my hair during this cold period.

In order to be ready when the sun is back you can’t neglect your body during the winter. This is why I love to exfoliate my body with amazing product such as:

Eucalyptus gommage or savon noir with a loofah

This is great to eliminate dry/dead skin. In addition, I continue to clean and hydrate in the shower with Argan oil, which you can apply with your hands. Finally, it is important to hydrate your skin so it is good to apply a nourishing cream on the whole body.

For my hair I only use two products:

  1. Argan oil for 5 minutes like a mask
  2. After washing off the Argan Oil, I use the Total Repair by l’Oréal Paris shampoo in my hair.

My beauty product picks:

Body Scrub

Moroccan Rose Otta Sugar Body Polish, Nordstrom.

Shower oil

Aromatherapy Associates, Set, Relaxing bath, Net à Porter.

Body Cream

Nutrix  Royal Body baume, Lancôme.

Hair oil

Moroccanoil Treatment, Nordstrom.


Total Repair, L’Oréal Paris.

Bonus: I love to use my new cream face and body by Le Petit Marseillais with Olive oil and almond. It’s little format is so easy to take it in your handbag. I’m sure in New York or other countries drugstores you will find an equivalent.


Be proud of your roots, You Are Beautiful!



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