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When you travel abroad or go on vacation, it can mean a break for a week or two from the rigor of everyday life. A break from the normal routine can be such a nice thing, especially after a busy or stressful time. But it doesn’t mean a complete break from everything healthy. There are still some things that you need to be able to do, even when you are on vacation.

One of the most important things is exercise. We still need to make sure that we are exercising, and keeping healthy and well. The thing is, though, there are a few additional factors that you need to take into consideration when you are exercising abroad. For example, it can be hard to go out for a run if you don’t know the area well (you don’t want to get lost or run into an area that is not considered safe). Also, it can be trickier if you sustain an injury, while you are traveling, and obtain proper medical care. Lastly, it can be harder to exercise when you have limited space. But even with this in mind, keeping fit is important. Here are some easy ways to exercise when you are going on a trip or vacation.

Do your research

Before you go on your trip, it is a good idea to do some research about the local area and what is available. One of the first things to check is your accommodation. Does your hotel have a gym or a pool? Is it a villa or an apartment with plenty of space for you to exercise (if you prefer to stay in)? Are there local gyms or swimming pools where you can pay for a limited membership (or you can check if there’s a discount program available through your hotel)? When you do your research, you can plan accordingly and bring the right kind of clothing or attire that you will need.

Low impact exercise

If you are concerned about getting injured, then doing some low impact exercises is a good idea. So, think about options like light yoga or Pilates. They are great ways to exercise, but they are also low impact and require very little in the way of equipment (as you don’t even need to pack your sneakers)! If you want to read a bit more about yoga, then you could find more info here. You might just be ashtanga-ring your way through your next vacation!

Rent a bike, go on a bike tour or walking tour

One of the best ways to explore most cities is by simply walking or renting a bike (you can also join an organized bike or walking tour). Tours are so much fun and, if you are traveling solo, are an excellent way to meet people with common interests. You can also arrange a private tour or just do your own tour. Not all who wander are lost.

Workout in your hotel room

You don’t need a lot of space to exercise. You can do a good workout in a relatively small space. So, if you will be in a hotel room for a while (and there is no gym or pool), there are still things that you can do. You can use a chair in the room for step ups and even for things like tricep dips. You can also do plenty of body weight exercises like squats and lunges. If you have wifi access, then look up some workouts online to follow. If there is an aerobics routine to follow, your cardio will be done for the day!

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Make sure to enjoy yourself

With all of these exercise ideas, you can now indulge in local food/drink guilt free!  Enjoy.

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