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Figuring out what to give your boyfriend for a special day can be pretty stressful, regardless as to how well you may know him. Maybe he’s the type who buys everything he ever wants for himself before you get the chance to buy, or he insists that there’s nothing he wants or needs. It can be tough to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, so here are some fun gift ideas that will wow him.

Fantastic Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

A food-of-the-month box

Everyone loves the gift of food. If he’s a die-hard carnivore, he’ll love a meat of the month box. A lot of companies offer a wide array of specially chosen meats sent to your doorstep every month, including everything from bacon and ham to pork and pâtés. If he is a vegetarian, you can choose to gift him with a fresh produce box, which is like a miniature farmer’s market delivered right to his front door. There are candy-based options too, as well as spirits and beer. So take your pick and prepare for his eternal gratitude—you just might get some tasty meals out of your gift too.

A smart carry on suitcase

Is your man always on the go? If he’s a globe trotter, he needs a new carry on suitcase. A Bluesmart carry-on suitcase tracks where his bag is so he’ll never lose it again, and it comes with a recharging dock to hold up to six phone chargers. If he’s a traveler, don’t stop there. Get him a Kindle that he can charge in his new carry on and read his favorite books on the go.

Home brewing kit

If he’s a beer snob, he might be itching to make his own brew. Every beer lover has thought about making their own beer in the tub, so keep your bathroom hops-free with a home brewing kit. Home breweries are becoming more popular with the rise of craft breweries. A micro brewing kit combines the fun of DIY crafts with tasty beer. From beginner kits to advanced set-ups, there are dozens of brands to match his taste and skill level.

The gift of caffeine

If your boyfriend loves coffee, but doesn’t know good coffee from sludge, get him a cool French coffee press. Many coffee aficionados swear that the best coffee comes from a French press, making it a great gift for someone just testing the waters. French press machines produce high quality cups of coffee with a richer taste than other coffee makers—he’ll never want Starbucks again.

A funny piece of clothing

If your boyfriend has a silly sense of humor, some hilarious apparel is sure to go over well. Help him make the most of the remaining summer months with some vibrant pineapple shorts. Want something for the upcoming autumn? Check out the classic array of hilarious sweaters over at Tipsy Elves.

Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Plan an adventure

Some of the best gifts are immaterial. The gift of experience will usually outweigh something you can wrap, especially since the two of you will be creating lifelong memories that you can laugh over on your 50th wedding anniversary. If you have a big budget or you’re open to traveling to cheaper destinations, you can plan a trip. Tell him to ask for some time off at work, but don’t tell him why, and surprise him on his birthday with the plane tickets. If you are tight on cash and can’t afford to actually fly somewhere, plan a day-trip to somewhere within driving distance. For instance, if he has always talked about camping in a nearby National Park, get some sleeping bags and hit the road.

Buying a gift for your boyfriend should be fun. Put a smile on his face when you buy him a thoughtful gift he’ll never forget.

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