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Nobody likes sore, dry or cracked lips. That’s why people are always on the search for cosmetics and other products that are guaranteed to treat lips and keep them in good condition. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to take care of your lips. With just a few tips and ingredients that you can find at home, your lips will be looking more luscious than ever in no time.

Start the Process in The Morning

Rub your lips softly with your toothbrush right after brushing your teeth. This removes the dry coat on the lips. They will not only look clean, but they will be free of impurities. A soft massage with a toothbrush ideally increases blood flow to the lips which is responsible for the attractive red color.


Apply Vaseline to your Lips

It is advisable to apply a small amount of Vaseline jelly on your lips at least once a day or more, particularly during winter. Rub your lips gently with your fingertips and then press them together for a few seconds. This ensures that the jelly covers every region of the lips. Vaseline helps in moisturizing and softening the lips. This process is especially effective during winter when there’s dry air.


Apply Lipstick Right After Moistening

The red, pink or nude lipstick color is ideal for all skin types and so, you can apply your favorite type of lipstick. Of course, remember to kiss the back of your hand to get rid of the excessive shades. If you wish to lighten your lips then adding laetitia dark lips cream to this routine can help.

7 Simple And Inexpensive Ways to Ensure Your Lips Beautiful and Healthy

Remove Makeup at the End of The Day

Always make sure that you get rid of all traces of makeup from your lips when you get home. Your lips need to breathe to be healthy and clearing makeup ascertains this. So, use damp cotton wool to clean your lips before sleeping.


Scrub Your Lips

As mentioned earlier, it is important to keep your lips healthy and soft, and scrubbing ensures this. Scrubbing the lips removes dead cells which is essential in preventing lip infections. Consider buying a mild scrubber in the local stores, or make your own with some rock sugar.

Massage Your Lips Regularly

It is also a good idea to use nourishing oils to massage your lips for a few minutes every day. This also ensures proper blood circulation which ascertains healthy lips.


Keep Your Lips Hydrated Overnight

If you wake up and notice that your lips are dry, then they don’t get proper hydration. The air surrounding you tends to dry out the lips as you sleep. So, if that is usually the case, consider using Vaseline or hydrating cream before going to bed. You can also use ghee or raw milk for the same.

As you can see, these are all simple to do and inexpensive ways of keeping your lips soft and healthy. Use them, and you’ll notice a significant difference in just a few days.



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