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Fashion and your other half might not be two words you would typically put together. After all, guys can tend to make some errors when it comes to their wardrobe. However, a lot of the clothes they wear can actually be bang-on-trend when it comes to creating your wardrobe. Therefore, you might be able to get some ideas of clothes you should wear to look fashionable and be super comfortable at the same time! Here is how you can take fashion inspiration from your boyfriend’s wardrobe!


Get some oversized shirts


Guys love to wear shirts for informal and formal occasions. In fact, they often go for oversized colorful shirts which they can wear with jeans during the day. And then in the evening, they might go for a more formal choice with trousers. As girls, we can take inspiration from their shirts and add it to our wardrobe. After all, an oversized shirt with leggings and boots would make for a great evening outfit. And for something more casual, you could even go for an oversized shirt with a waisted belt and a dark colored pair of jeans. It would make for a fantastic outfit for your workplace wardrobe or even for a shopping day with a friend. And when it comes to choosing colors, you should go for a bright shirt to ensure it will last you through the next season. And you could even go for a sleeveless option which will be perfect for when the sunny weather arrives. Also, if you go for an extra long shirt, you could even wear it without any jeans or leggings during the summer months. In fact, you can take inspiration from model Gigi Hadid in this article who knows how to rock an oversized shirt! Be careful to not go too big with your shirt though. Otherwise, it might make you look larger than you actually are!


Opt for some boyfriend jeans


If there is one thing boys love to wear, it definitely has to be jeans. In fact, you will see them rocking a pair of Levis during the weekend. And they will try to wear jeans to their workplace if they can do. But unlike our super skinny options, boys jeans tend to be a lot more about comfort. They are baggy and a roomier fit. Therefore, you can take inspiration from this for your own jean wardrobe. You should go for comfier styles which will ensure you pull off a casual look. In fact, you can even get jeans which have been designed in a guy’s style. In a lot of the major shops, you will find boyfriend jeans for sale. And just like your favorite guy’s jeans, they are a lot comfier and perfect for a laidback day out. In fact, you can pair them with an old pair of sneakers, a baggy top and a pair of sunnies to rock the laid back look. You should opt to go for a light color which will be perfect as we head into the spring and summer months! And if you want to make them a bit tighter, opt for a belt which will ensure they fit snugly around your waist.


Take Fashion Inspiration From Your Boyfriend's Wardrobe (Yes, You Read That Right!)


Get some comfortable sneakers
As much as we love our heels and boots, nothing beats a pair of comfortable sneakers. In fact, guys tend to live in their pair of converse all-year round. And they are perfect for their casual wardrobe. Therefore, we should take inspiration from their sneakers and get our own that we can wear with our casual clothes. Not only will they help to ensure you look laid back and casual, but they will help your feet to stay comfortable. In fact, you will love wearing them for a nice Sunday walk or even when going to the shops! And there are lots of different styles you will love when it comes to sneakers. You could opt for a bright patterned design which will help your footwear to stand out. And it could add some much-needed color to your whole outfit. Or you could even go for a plain white or black color that you can wear with everything! And sneakers are bang-on-trend for 2017, so you will definitely look fashionable when you wear a pair.




Go for some retro tops


It’s always about retro when it comes to your beau’s wardrobe. Whether it’s an old-school hat or a top with a classic character, they love embracing 80’s and 90’s fashion. And another thing they love to wear is retro tops and jumpers. If it’s got a classic band name or even a retro logo, they are all over it. And if you want to release your own inner rock chic, you should also go for these retro tops. You can find them in the major stores as retro is so on-trend at the moment. They would be perfect with a pair of dark colored jeans or even a leather skirt to show you have some edge. And they would be the perfect addition to your casual wardrobe. Just look at stars like Kendall Jenner rocking the old school band look in her retro top!


Opt for some cozy hoodies


Guys love living in their cozy hoodies when they are out of work mode. In fact, you will often find them in front of a movie or challenging their mates to a game of Cod while chilling in a hoodie. And if you want to recreate that casual element in your wardrobe, you should go for a hoodie too. After all, they are perfect for your casual wardrobe. Not only will they be perfect with jeans, but they will also keep your comfortable. If you want to make it a bit more fashionable, you could go for an oversized option which you can wear with knee-length boots as you can see in this feature. Or even go for a colorful hoodie with a midi skirt which will help you to look fabulous!


And you can also copy your other half’s stylish leather jacket if you want to add some edge to your wardrobe. Perfect for your casual and formal wardrobe, a black or brown leather jacket is definitely bang-on trend. Just wear it over your shoulders if you want to look great on a night out! I hope that you had take some fashion inspiration from this post.


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