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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘comfy’? Maybe it’s your favorite worn-out sweater that’s your go-to cover-up, or perhaps it’s swapping your heels for a pair of trusty Doc Martens. Whatever it is, it’s a fairly safe bet that you don’t think of anything particularly stylish and fashionable. In the minds of most people, fashion has come to mean a very strict set of principles; strict tailoring, having everything very fitted and outlandish cuts and designs. Whilst this may be true for many of the pieces you see on the average runway, in the real world, there is no rule against fashion and comfort being mutually exclusive. If you prize comfort above all else but feel frumpy when you wear your comfortable clothes, you might think that there isn’t much you can do about it. But, you are wrong. Style and comfort can easily work together, as long as you know a few insider tips. Read on to find out what they are…


Sweatpants that look like trousers

Most of us wouldn’t dream of leaving the house in our sweatpants, except to maybe go to the 7-Eleven. Some people have imposed strict rules on themselves that such pants can only be worn inside the home, not out of it. But let’s face it – a lot of ‘regular’ pants can be pretty uncomfortable. Jeans are a nightmare in hot weather, and unless they are full of elastic, the skinny ones are the worst. Suit pants are usually made of thick material with little give around the waist or upper legs – what’s a girl to do?! Luckily, manufacturers have been upping their games recently with sweatpants that have the appearance of regular pants. They are loose cut, and usually elasticated around the waist. Some are so convincing that you could even wear them for work. Seriously, what’s not to love?!

Flat shoes

Many women in professional jobs feel the pressure to wear heels constantly. Whilst there are some occasions where you may feel it is appropriate to do so, generally speaking, the vast majority of girls feel much more comfortable in flat shoes. Plus, wearing heels too often can actually cause serious damage to your feet, sometimes even resulting in deformities in later life. Give your feet a break by regularly wearing flat shoes as well as heels. Luckily, there are some great stylish options on the market these days. Many major brands have noticed the recent comeback that sneakers have made, and have cashed in on the trend. Otherwise, ballet pumps, flat boots, and creeper shoes are all comfortable yet stylish options.

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Sometimes, we just want something we can lounge in – even if we are at work! Investing in a couple of high-quality woolen sweaters mean we can relax, stay warm and still feel fashionable all at once. Don’t go for anything that’s too busy, and choose a fit that you feel at ease in. Often, we choose very fitted clothing in an effort to show off our figure. While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes it can be nice to forget about that for a bit and enjoying snuggling up in something cozy.





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