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Here are some Quick Tips for a Healthy Flawless Skin by Certified Skin Therapist, Diana Seo:

1) Skin Health is optimized by taking care of your body from the inside first. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water before night with your date. Eat lots of colorful veggies and fruits. Consume less sugar and salt with no processed foods. All these will balance your body’s intake/outake. What you eat can have a huge effect on your body. The key thing to remember is Balance. When one has too much of anything, it can lead to overloading your body’s digestive system which can affect other systems.


2) Get plenty of rest the night before. Give yourself a nice bath with a hydrating mask. (can use basic ingredients such as avocado with little bit of yogurt and milk all blended together, add fresh aloe if you have:) Your face and body needs that extra boost of energy.

3) Use Serums for the face and eyes. While applying, tap around the orbitals of your eyes and massage upwards. This movement will help increase blood flow, which then help bring nutrients to the face. (how often do we exercise the facial muscles?)

4) Make sure to sleep in a supine position (face up), which is the best way to sleep to prevent clogged pores, creases, lines or wrinkles. When we sleep face down or on our sides, we tend to put pressure on our face and/or increase the chance of putting germs from our sheets or pillowcases.

5) Last, but not least, protect your skin w SPF (min. Spf 25). I love using the Coffeeberry Minerals from Priori. Not only does these minerals act as your foundation, but as your 100% natural spf.
CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals are 100% Natural, and the first and only skin caring mineral line that containsCoffeeBerry® extract, nature’s most potent anti-aging botanical, to fight free radicals and the causes of skin aging. CoffeeBerry® extract, the anti-aging and skin lightening agent that will keep your skin looking younger every day you wear them.
It is the ultimate perfecting mineral line that protects against both dangerous free radicals and the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. CoffeeBerry® Perfecting Minerals care for your skin around the clock.
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