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Last weekend, I took a walk around my neighborhood in Long Island City. It was amazing to see the water, the views of the city and the people. I found a great spot that was full of fallen leaves. As I lay down to reflect about life, a memory came back to me. It was of the time I wrote poetry. I have been writing since I was 11 years old. One specific poem came to my mind, one that I had dedicated to an old summer love. The name of the poem is “Carpet of Fallen Leaves” and I thought that it will be great to share with you some of the words that came from my soul on that rainy day of fall 2009. Read on…

Soul Searcher: Carpet of Fallen Leaves
“Falling Leaves hide the path so quietly.” John Bailey

Photo Credit: Dennis Rod Photography

Red Cashmere Dress by: Kat Cashmere

Shoes: G by Guess, available at DSW

Carpet of Fallen Leaves

As the rain falls with more intensity,

My eyes remain deep and quiet…

Looking at the carpet of fallen leaves through the window

Seeing how the sun is gone…

With the sun, left our love

Those days in the water are over,

And now all that it was once, hanging in a tree

Has fallen, but something new will grow again.

When this cold weather would pass,

What is growing will be even more beautiful

And a lot stronger,

Its glow will fill the city with happiness.

There is nothing more precious than a new born…

But hopefully it is without the same innocence.


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