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2017 has arrived and if this is the year you’re tying the knot (or just seeking inspiration) it’s all change! It’s out with classical designs and stiff manicured bouquets, and in with some new cakes, catering, and colors. Take a look at this breakdown of the hottest wedding trends that have hit 2017…


Dessert Bars

wedding dessert bars


Throughout the years we’ve seen fruit cakes and we’ve seen frosting. Weddings cakes are also traditionally white but in recent years we’ve seen some intricate frosted designs. Even garlands of flowers have been draped or even piped onto cakes. However, cakes are being replaced with dessert bars instead. A hot trend for 2017 is laying out a cupcake spread, or even donuts! Some are sticking with the cake shape, but instead of sponge and sugar, their stacking camembert and brie! Generally, cakes are becoming less formal and more of a help-yourself fun experience.


Metallic Wedding Dresses


wedding dresses trends 2017


This may sound completely left-field but metallic wedding dresses are becoming a huge trend. Don’t worry, the look isn’t about full on shine. Instead, brides are incorporating rose gold hues and silver beading into their gowns. It’s a playful touch that elevates rather than detracts from the bride’s style. In terms of color, brides are no longer playing it safe with white. Pale pastels, and especially pinks are all trends for the coming year.






From the rings to the invitations, it’s all about adding your unique twist. Couples are getting crafty with their cards or asking for bespoke handmade invites this year. Similarly, ring specialists like Verragio are embracing the trend by making personalized rings. Choose your stone, cut, and band for a unique wedding or engagement ring.


Bringing the Outside in


destination wedding trends


You can probably see by now, the trends of 2017 are a lot more organic and fluid than previous years. Nature is at the heart of trends this year- even if it is an indoor wedding! Expect to see hanging flowers, potted plants, and even some interesting natural centerpieces. Some brides and grooms are even opting for completely environmentally ethical weddings.


Food Trucks

The Hottest Wedding Trends of this Year


One of the most exciting trends of 2017 is the arrival of food trucks and the departure of the formal sit down meal. No name cards required. Guests turn up and help themselves to trucks laden with tasty handheld dishes. A boho style is very much in this year, so think a relaxed, laid-back, and fun theme.


Eccentric Entertainment


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Wedding entertainment gets bigger and better every year. Expect live music, acrobatic performances, and even some puppetry for the kids! There seems to be no limit to entertainment this year. The more imaginative and engaging, the better.





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