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At Dreams in Heels, we love to celebrate other women’s achievements. United we conquer! This is why today, we want you to meet the fastest female and fastest person to visit every country in the world, a 27-year-old American woman. Cassie DePecol, Expedition 196 from Washington, Connecticut embarked on her journey in July 2015 by first visiting Palau.

And now Cassie has just visited her last country, Yemen, on February 2nd, making that country #196 and breaking the Guiness Record of not only the fastest women to travel the world (18 months and 26 days) but also the fastest person. Amazing!
In many comments online, some people are criticizing or judging the way Cassie traveled (since it was mainly through sponsors), but the reality is who wouldn’t take this opportunity to break a record?! Plus, most travel writers, bloggers and vloggers travel so much because many times they go on press trips or they get sponsored by hotels, destinations, tourism boards and airlines. I say, “Who are we to judge?” Regardless, it is still an incredible achievement to be able to enter countries like Sudan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria and more. As a full-time traveler and influencer, I admire Cassie’s courage and commitment to this goal. It is awesome that she got to choose her path on her own terms, just like every person should. I imagine a book and many other exciting benefits ahead resulting from Cassie DePecol’s Expedition 196 journey.
More info: Cassandra De Pecol | Instagram | FB | (Image credits: Caters News Agency)

Cassie DePecol has now joined the list of powerful women in the travel world, such as:

  • Journalists Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland who, in 1889, captured the country’s imagination in a race to be the first to traverse the world in 80 days.
  • Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928. Her disappearance over the Pacific (during a solitary attempt to circumnavigate the globe) in 1937, is still a mystery and has only added to her legendary career.

  • The Soviet cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova, became the first woman in space, propelling the achievements of female voyagers to new heights in 1963.

  • And another notable woman is Audrey Walsworth of Marceline. In 2009, she joined the ranks of firsts by attaining the status of the only woman to visit every country in the world. Audrey Walsworth was part of The Travelers’ Century Club and is one of the few women to complete the TCC’s list of countries and territories. According to the club’s website, as of  Jan. 1, 2016, it officially counts a total of 325 countries and territories. In contrast, the United Nations (UN) only identifies 193 countries/member states, and each of them is a member of the United Nations General Assembly.

Lastly, I would love to leave you with my favorite notation from Cassie DePecol Expedition 196, found on her website:

“With that said, this Expedition really wasn’t about me at all. My goal was to prove to you how kind and hospitable people all over the world are, but specifically in regions that many people consider to be dangerous. It is my hopes that, through traveling alone as a blonde, American woman, I’ve been able to respectfully introduce you to a completely different perspective of the world and it’s people; the safety, kindness, and the similarities of 99% of people around the world. In portraying this, I’ve had to let go of all of my fears and trust in people, trust in strangers, and trust in the unknown, and it’s proved to be an powerfully rewarding experience.”

Congrats Cassie!

Stay Safe and Travel More,

Catch me exploring the next city. Hasta luego!


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