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More than half of singles ranked teeth as the most important characteristic about a potential date in a survey of 5,500 unattached people by Like most people say: A smile says a thousand words. As vain as this sounds, for some people bad teeth can be a deal breaker. What most do not understand is that there are people which have genetic teeth problems, or have suffered accidents and cannot afford the cost of a great smile, which is exorbitant! But there is a way to improve your smile online without fixing your teeth. This news is great for anyone with bad teeth or who is embarrassed to smile or for anyone who wants to improve their smile without paying the high prices of a cosmetic dentist.

You can redesign and straighten the appearance of your smile: gapped teeth, missing teeth, chipped teeth, broken teeth, crooked or misaligned teeth without a dentist. Thanks to innovation, Brighter Image Lab is able to use state-of-the-art technology to help clients improve their smiles with new removable dental veneers and it’s all done with no dentist. They custom makes each veneer to fit every client. Brighter Image veneers are quickly gaining popularity. Their veneers are often the first choice people find that’s actually affordable. It is a great alternative to a cosmetic dentist and to avoid all the extra costs. According to Robert Brault, “My health plan doesn’t cover dental, so I enrolled my teeth as 32 dependents, each needing a complete physical once a year.” If you can related, these veneers can really improve your image in a more cost effective way.

Smile veneer Lauren


Dentists who offer similar veneers, usually charge 2-3 times more than Brighter Image and they require multiple office visits. Brighter Image veneers don’t require a dental visit, there are no X-rays, no shots, no grinding, no pain and they are completely reversible. They have been in business since 1997, and have helped more than 300,000 clients.

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Veneer (2)


A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” ~Phyllis Diller

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    Thank you for sharing your experience and insight into the whole process- I’m glad you have no regrets about the treatment because your results look great!

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