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We all want to look amazing at a wedding, but there’s one thing we should never do at a wedding, and it’s not about drinking too much, it’s overshadowing the bride. You may spend days looking for the dress to wear, but you’ve got to be careful that you don’t look too good! It’s happened before!  There’s one very simple rule to looking good at a wedding, and it’s just about being subtly elegant. All you have to do is make some simple and effective choices. Let’s run through the basics.

"I Do... Look Good" - Wedding Guest Style Ideas


Firstly, don’t wear any of the following: See-through tops, anything that is bare-backed or anything that has plunging necklines. Don’t forget that you can easily upstage the bride by wearing too little! Because you’d be first to pass comment if you saw someone’s underwear though their see-through dress that was so thin she could floss their teeth with it! While they’d have a winning smile, they definitely wouldn’t be a hit with the bride’s parents! Now we’ve covered what you can’t wear, there are plenty of options for what you can wear. You need to establish the type of wedding first. If it’s a formal affair, you can get away with plain black or white, but you will need to accessorize with a brighter color. When going for black, it’s best not to go for a full-length number because you’re unwittingly competing with the bride. If you want a full-length number, you can go for a maxi dress in gray, and if it’s a very formal wedding, pleats aren’t a bad idea. Head to toe in black is also too funereal. You can get away with black if you’ve got it in the form of a skirt. Do it with a light colored coat, and use white on an accessory.


The wedding is the big benchmark for your choice of clothing. If the couple is hip, trendy, and want big colors as part of the dress code, you may worry that you could end up looking like a clown! But there are plenty of online boutiques where you can find a number that is showy enough, yet carries off a note of elegance. Dress codes can throw up a number of issues, and this is especially prominent in a posh wedding. Some invitations stipulate that you wear a fascinator or a hat, and you need to do this at all costs. It may not suit you, but if it is requested, it is part of the formality of the event.

Jewelry is another one where being too showy can draw attention towards you in a bad way. Simple is always better. Small earrings with diamonds fare better than long or bulky earpieces. A nice watch if you’re keen on showing off your wrist is a simple way of carrying off a bit of style. The trick with jewelry is that, on the day, the bride will be showing off their sparkling rock and band, so make sure you’re being pared back in your style efforts.



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