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The eyes are the window of the soul. Bringing out your eyes can help to emphasize the inner you. But there are more ways to bring out your eyes than simply using eye-liner and eye-shadow. In fact, here are five entirely makeup free ways that you can make those gorgeous eyes stand out.

Get enough sleep

Tired, puffy eyes aren’t going to lure anyone in. Get enough sleep and you’ll help lose the bags and wrinkles without any cosmetic help. There are other certain remedies such as eyedrops that can help your eyes look less sleepy, although nothing quite does the job like a good night’s kip. Other culprits that can lead to tired eyes include not wearing corrective lenses for damaged eyesight, not wearing shades in the sun and smoking.

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Specs appeal

Accessorizing your eyes will immediately draw attention to them. While shades block out your eyes, clear-framed specs help to bring them out. There are all kinds of stylish quality glasses available online that could be worth investing in. Most people will only buy specs if they need corrective vision, but you can buy non-prescription glasses simply as a trendy accessory.

Change your hairstyle

The right hairstyle can help to frame your face and emphasize various features. One immediate way to emphasize your eyes is bangs cut to the brow line. Bangs don’t work for everyone – if you have curly, bulky hair it may look too unnatural on some face shapes. A deeply asymmetric hairstyle or side-sweeping can often work just as effectively – people looking at your face will immediately look for symmetry in your eyes.

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Groom those brows

Well kept brows can also help to bring out your eyes. Many people go overboard with eyebrow-plucking, which can have a negative effect and draw people towards your brows instead. You don’t have to pluck every day – focus only on those stray hairs and follow the natural curve of your eyebrows when plucking.

Color code clothes to your eyes

The color of your clothing and accessories can help to bring out the color of your eyes. This could include dressing in the same color as your eyes. If you have green eyes, wearing an emerald green top or scarf might help to bring out those verdant tones. Contrasting colors meanwhile can work just as well with shades. For example, those with blue eyes can help bring out the azure in their stare by adding some orange to their wardrobe. Brown eyes are a little trickier to emphasize, given they are combination of practically every color. Brown clothes will generally hide brown eyes. Warm tones however can often work well such as orange and red, although baby blue can also help to bring out darker brown eyes. Meanwhile, if you have grey eyes, dressing in black can help to illuminate those silver eyes. Experiment with different clothing colors in front of a mirror and see which tones work best for you.

NY Lady in Red Moving around Town In Style - Long Island City, New York City
Long Island City, New York

I hope that these 5 tips on how to draw attention to your eyes without makeup has helped your beautiful eyes stand out. Do you have any other tips? Share them with us.

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