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Going on an overseas business trip? Even in this day and age, business travel is still a necessity. In today’s modern world, some meetings still need to be in person, rather than via video conference, which means that you may still find yourself traveling abroad for business purposes. In some cases, overseas business trips require you to transition from a long flight to a business meeting within hours. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Many experienced business travelers can pull off a business meeting after a long flight without skipping a beat. You can too with the tips and hacks we are about to share in this article, which will allow you to perform your best and be productive after a long or red eye flight.

cabin-Overseas business trip - Hacks for pulling off Business Meeting after Long Haul Flight

1. Pack Smart

Packing smarter is probably the most critical key to avoiding stress whenever you travel, but it’s especially true for business travel. Let’s start with the basics: packing light while still having all the necessities should be considered an art form. Most of us want to look our best, even stylish, but never is how you dress more important than for a business meeting. Sometimes you have to pack the right clothing options (nothing that needs ironing), travel-friendly toiletries and other essentials, in your carry-on in order to be able to transition from a long flight directly to a business meeting with very little time in between. For overseas business trips, this can be even more challenging. Packing these essential items in a carry-on will also help you avoid unnecessary delays, such as not being able to change because you are waiting a long time for the luggage you checked-in to arrive.

one bag travel tips - how to pack light

Here’s an extra hack to keep in mind: Use sample and travel-sized products, especially for toiletries and make-up. Cosmetics don’t have to be expensive now that you can find so many deals and freebies. There are a lot of great deals online on sites such as Just Freebies, and they certainly help you to get the essentials you’ll need for pulling off a business meeting, even after a long flight.

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2. Hydrate Often

Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water before, during, and after a long flight. Staying hydrated is a great way to avoid that tired look you get after flying. It is also a great way to stay fresh and sharp, especially since your body loses a lot of water even when you are sleeping on the flight.

I’m not recommending that you to drink tons of coffee either. Before ordering a cup of coffee, especially right before you land, drink a large glass of water. Substitute water for soft drinks anytime you can, and you will definitely feel refreshed and more replenished after a long flight.

Another hack is remembering to drink a glass of water right before the meeting. That glass of water will refresh your body in an instant, allowing you to be ready for the meeting no matter how tired you may be from having transitioned from that long flight directly to your meeting.


3. Minimize Disruptions

Planning ahead and minimizing disruptions will also help you. When booking the flight, pick a window seat so that you won’t have to deal with others waking you up to pass. A window seat is also great since it allows you to maintain a more comfortable position while you sleep.

Another way to minimize disruptions is by pre-ordering your in-flight meals. Make sure you get enough vegetables and carbs for dinner, and that you stick to lighter meals for breakfast. This combination gives you just the right amount of energy to handle your upcoming business meeting. When needed, carry your own snacks, but nothing too salty or greasy.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for after you land. Better to be prepared and arrange transportation from the airport to the meeting location (if you don’t have any time in between) or hotel. The less you have to worry about the more relaxed you can be for your meeting.

sleeping on the plane - Norwegian air premium cabin review

4. In flight relaxation methods

I have a few routines that totally help me during long flights. One is carrying a hydrating spray for my face. There are many amazing mists with aromatherapy properties sold in varying fabulous scents. One of my favorite ones, which I usually carry on my bag is: Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

An alternative is using a face mask (or at least an eye mask) that you can apply before and after for long haul flights. They hydrate your skin, which will make you look and feel better, but also they can be very relaxing. Note: Do not use the mist mid-flight, since the low humidity air inside the plane will actually leave your skin looking and feeling dryer than before.

Here are some of my top picks!

Also, other essentials to bring with you are an eye mask for sleeping, comfortable neck pillow, and/or ear plugs. These are always a good idea to help you to relax and rest better. If you have problems falling a sleep, maybe drinking a soothing tea or the natural melatonin pill might help you tremendously. It really depends on your needs. Think about what relaxes you at home and how you can recreate that atmosphere during your flight.

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5. Limit Your Screen Time

Last, but certainly not least, make sure to limit your exposure to gadgets and screens. While it may be fun to watch a movie in order to survive an overnight flight, that movie will probably make it more difficult for you to get some sleep. This will lead you to feeling tired, resulting in dark circles under your eyes by the time you land.

Limiting your screen time – including the use of your phone or laptop – allows your body to fully rest despite the challenging environment. You’ll feel much better when you wake up in the morning and you will be able to transition from the long flight to your business meeting faster.

entertainment onboard norwegian air flight

These are just the essentials

Stick to these five hacks and an early meeting after an overnight flight will never be a problem again. After all, you can get plenty of rest once you’ve handled the business meeting like a seasoned business traveler!

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