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Going away on your next jaunt is often a real exciting feeling that you never get bored of. The countdown to the flight, the feeling you get when you sit on the plane, and the moment you step off the jet and witness where you are for the first time. It is overwhelming and pure joy. But, going away quite a lot can mean that you developed skills in things like packing, and often, packing light is the best way to take on your next trip. I wanted to share with you my tips for packing like a pro, hopefully helping you on your next getaway.

Pack Like A Pro For Your Next Getaway

Decide on what you want to take and ensure they are clean and ready

One of the first things to do would be to decide on some of the items you want to take. The best reason to do this ahead of your trip and before you are even packing is so that you can ensure that all of the items can get cleaned and look the best they can for your trip. Some items may be dry clean, and websites like can help you organise those sorts of services ahead of time. Even if it is just a case of you getting them washed yourself and ironed, you will feel happier knowing that all the items you want to take look great.

Think about outfits rather than individual items

When it comes to the clothes the best thing you can do is consider the outfits you want to wear rather than the individual items you want to take. Think about what you might be doing during the day and the evening, if you have any specific events that require certain types of attire, and then plan your outfits accordingly. This is also a great way to save on space and weight, so an essential tip if you plan on packing lightly or have limited space to work with.


Find a pair of shoes that are versatile

Shoes can often be bulky and heavy in a case, so you may want to think about finding yourself a versatile and comfortable pair of shoes that would work with various outfit styles or for different types of occasions. Luckily many sandal type shoes can work well in a casual or dressed up outfit.

Don’t forget about the accessories

Finally, one of the least thought about aspects of packing is the accessories you may need. The obvious being shoes, but what about things like bags or hats? Will you require a particular type of bag for the day and something maybe smaller for the evening? Will a hat help protect you from the glare of the sun while still looking fabulous? There are also things like jewellery to think about and even the all important sunglasses. All of these things can really add to your outfit options. Websites like have some great options to consider.

I hope that these tips have you packing like a pro for your next getaway.

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