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If you’re currently planning your next vacation, exploration, or adventure, you’ll want to ensure that you’re feeling confident, and photo-ready. One of the great things about being able to travel to new and exciting destinations is the memories you’ll make. Many of the memories will be able to be captured through photographs for your walls at home, and, of course, your social media. Therefore, you’ll want to be feeling happy and confident in yourself, both inside and out so that it shines through in each picture.

You’re probably already aware that a trip of any length of time takes careful planning and preparation. Writing lists will become second nature, and ticking things off will bring you lots of satisfaction as the excitement builds for your getaway. Your health and beauty regime may need to change a little, or a lot, depending on the climate you’re heading towards, and the length of your travel time. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about what you’ll need to take, and the things you can do before your journey to ensure you arrive feeling great and looking fresh.

Check the weather conditions

It’s always worth thinking about the weather conditions you’ll be dealing with, and any activities or situations you’ll be enjoying. An array of things can affect the condition of your skin, hair, how you feel, so it’s worth putting in some careful thought and effort now so that your vacation is as positive as possible. So, get out that new notebook and pen that you were given over the holidays (and thought you’d never use); it’s time to write your beauty must-haves and how you’re going to switch-up your routine each day; these will be a crucial addition to your packed or relaxed travel itinerary. Get ready to be Instagram ready, and to make the most of the trip ahead.

The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those getting their suitcase ready for their next adventure, and want to focus on their self-care routine for their most beautiful journey yet!

Beauty Travel Habits for your next adventure

Flowing Locks

Prepping your hair for a change in climate is no easy feat; harsh sunshine or humid conditions can leave you with dry, brittle, or frizzy locks. You’ll want a strong, shiny mane of hair overseas; especially as you’re more likely to be tying it up or styling it for different physical activities, or for special events and evenings out and about. You’ll also want it to look great in all those pictures you’ll be posting, so it’s worth giving it some TLC both before and during your trip. Check out what the best leave in conditioner would be for your hair type, and invest in some a few weeks before you travel. Utilizing a leave-in conditioner or a hair mask for the weeks leading up to your getaway will ensure that you’re strengthening it so that it’s ready for an environment change. You can take some with you, and continue to use it regularly. Be particularly mindful after a very hot day, or when you’ve been swimming in a chlorinated pool or in the sea. Nature and chemicals can sometimes strip the hair of its natural oils, which will leave it dull, lifeless, and extremely dry when you come to style it. A suitable conditioner, coupled with a gentle cleansing shampoo will help to nourish your hair, protect it from all those elements, and give it a boost of shine when you want it the most.

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If you’re blessed with long locks; stock up on various hair-ties and grips so that you’ll always be able to style it quickly when you need to. Practice your top-knots, braiding skills, and ponytail techniques before you travel so that you have an array of styles to go for and you won’t look the same in each picture. Now is also the time to check what hats will work with your outfits, and if you’re going to throw in some hair accessories too; you never know where your adventure might take you, so make sure you’re ready for anything. Grips, headbands, and hats will also suit a variety of short hairstyles, so don’t forget to pack some options just because you’ve recently had your bob cut in at the salon. Split ends can happen to any length of hair, especially if it’s bleached or colored, so bear that in mind when you’re considering what products to pack.

Soft Skin

Much like your hair, your skin will be affected by sun, seawater, and chlorine. Therefore, it’s worth investing in some extra-moisturizing cream for both your body and face. You’ll need to find a sun lotion that has a factor suitable for your skin type; there’s nothing beautiful about sunburn or the damage it can cause to your skin like redness, cracking, fine-lines, and dryness. Make sure that slathering on your sun protection becomes second nature every day; your future self (and skin) will thank you for it. A rich day and separate night cream is also a smart investment; remember that few sun lotions have nourishing or moisturizing properties, and you’ll need extra when you’re travel, due to sun exposure, temperature changes, and the aircon in your accommodation and on the plane. You can help to prepare your skin with extra nourishment and hydration before you leave with a facemask or two; take a couple with you to top up on moisture. Sheet masks are great for traveling on the plane; they’ll help hydrate and protect your skin for the duration of the journey so that you can arrive fresh-faced.

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It’s always nice to give your skin a little break from heavy makeup and cosmetics, and there’s no better time than when you’re away. You might also want to change your cleansing and toning products to something a little more gentle so that your skin can remain calm, glowing, and youthful. Wearing lip balms during the day will ensure that your evening lipstick choice will look great and they’ll be no dryness or cracking to deal with. All in all, you should be focusing on the extra care and attention your hair, skin, and body will need; hydration and protection should be your priority, so it goes without saying that you should be drinking plenty of water each day too. You’ll return from your trip looking as refreshed on the outside as you feel on the inside, so all that prep will have been totally worth it.

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