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As you are probably preparing your bucket list of exciting adventures for 2019, there is a type of travel that is too often ignored: Family travel. It is a common misconception that you need to have young children to consider family travel options. In truth, what defines family travel is the possibility to gather several generations and to bring people together in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Whether you go with your cousins and your aunt, or you choose to invite your grandparents to a regenerating break together, the personal bond that you will create there will be stronger than ever before. Here are some ideas for the best family holidays in Europe, including some Winter Family holiday destinations for an awesome family holiday together.


Ski Holidays – Let It Snow in The Alps

Contrary to what most people believe, ski holidays are not only dedicated to young and fit individuals. Anybody, as long as they are mobile enough in the snow, could enjoy a vacation in a ski resort, where you could book a cozy chalet, especially in the French Alps, where modern ski equipments meet traditional family chalets, such as the Chalet Lapin Blanc Meribel centre for example. The beauty of ski holidays, for a start, is that they happen in a snowed mountain where the air you breathe is fresher and cleaner than urban air. The high mountains in the Alps provide one of the fresher air you’ll find! Not only will your lungs be grateful for it, but you will find that fresh air does wonder to declutter your mind too! This is an advantage that is for all, regardless of how old they are. Additionally, the diversity of snow activities available in the Alps lets people choose something that will suit their fitness level, from ski to a peaceful walk in the snow. But at the core of ski holidays in the Alps lies the possibility to have family meals together and to spend a week enjoying each other’s company far from the urban modernity of everyday life.

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Country Cottages – A Walk Through The Victorian Times

Often, people think that a holiday in the countryside means spending a week at the local farm. This is not what cottage holiday is about. Cottages on the countryside are very common throughout the UK, as well as northern cultures, such as Iceland or Norway for example. They represent a cut from everyday pressure, as, even though they come fully equipped with all the modern commodities that you are used to, their interior décors lies in the past. Often a little isolated, these cottages give you the chance of a peaceful break with the ones you cherish. You will probably find yourself playing board games in the evening, and taking a walk outside all together. This is this togetherness that makes cottage holidays a loving and warm experience that you will not forget.



Santa’s Village – Where Everybody Is A Child Again

If you have not been for Lapland already, you should put it on your list and look for packages that will let you go with your relatives. How old they are is not relevant: Everyone will feel their inner child awakening as they approach Santa’s house and meet his reindeer in the forest. While you will need warm clothes, the magic of Lapland’s atmosphere and its Northern light will put a smile on everybody’s faces in no time! Strengthen your family bond with a trip to Santa’s Village this winter!


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