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With the world how it is today, you have to be pretty fortunate to travel. While it is easier than ever before to get to far off destinations and increase your cultural awareness, with more demands on our time it can be difficult to take a moment for ourselves and make time for others.

Often we ask ourselves what we want from a trip away.  Choosing to spend 2 weeks on a white sanded beach tends to be about relaxation.  A 24 hour break in Switzerland could mean you fancy a quick culture injection.  What about those of us who venture further afield? Perhaps we are looking for something a little deeper…with a purpose!

Africa so much to offer

Africa has so much to offer.  Whether you are looking to backpack or want to experience a luxury safari.  The country is vast, vibrant and colorful and the communities are diverse. It’s also relatively simple to get to.  Just a few hundred miles from the southern point of Spain, it gives you the ability to fly direct or perhaps take the road less traveled, by boat and car.


If you stick to the West of Africa you will find Ghana, nestled right by the Gulf of Guinea.  A country full of natural beauty you will find waterfalls on mass here.  There are the great plains to appreciate, throwing up beautiful wildlife and it is also home of the largest artificial lake in the world, Lake Volta.  It is one of the safest regions of Africa where music is at the heart of the people.  Expect to be welcomed with warmth and smiles and experience family hospitality and love.

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Is It Time For A Break With Purpose? Africa has so much to offer

Ghana offers up beautiful beaches and once in a lifetime encounters with some of the most adored animals in the world, monkeys.  For those who are passionate about food there are delicious local delicacies on offer and of course, Ghanaian chocolate.  Within the country it also has rain forests and deserts.  There is a thriving population of wild, colorful birds here too.  There are busy markets for shopping and the opportunity to find beautifully handcrafted products.


There are so many ways to see this stunning country.  From package deals which offer you comfort but may take a little authenticity out of your trip, to hopping on a flight and backpacking your way, getting your teeth into the natural habitats and meeting the communities first hand or you could take it a step further and volunteer in Ghana.  Giving you the best of both worlds.  Time away discovering the true meaning of humanity.

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Traveling to destinations offering this much cultural awareness is a rarity.  We tend to squeeze in a quick fix holiday before heading back to work, within a week feeling just as unfulfilled as before we left.  Ghana is a country that will stay with you, in your heart for years to come.  So take an opportunity this year to discover something magical.

Is It Time For A Break With Purpose? Africa has so much to offer
Is It Time For A Break With Purpose? Africa has so much to offer
Is It Time For A Break With Purpose? Africa has so much to offer

Featured Image courtesy of: Stig Nygaard

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