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If you’re planning your next international or transcontinental trip, have a pet, and have trouble with leaving your furry friend behind, you may be wondering what steps to take to ensure their comfort while you’re away. However, with the right planning and some helpful tips, you may be able to take your buddy along for the ride. Traveling, whether over the air or on the ground, can be an extremely stressful prospect for both you and your pet. Luckily, there are some great ways to ease the process for a fun trip. Here are some tips on how to travel with pets!


This undertaking can be an extremely stressful prospect for both you and your pet

Tips for traveling with animals


Over Air (Pet Air Travel)

One of the most daunting tasks when traveling with a pet can be finding an airline that accepts animals on flight, in other words pet friendly airlines. You’ve likely heard horror stories of stewardesses and fellow customers in addition to actual harm coming to animals while in the air. To avoid this, perform some research before your trip to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible. 

There are a couple of ways to make the trip easier. Make sure that your breed of animal is permitted before making your reservation, in addition to having their shots and vet records on hand for the registration process. Bring the papers along with you to the airport to verify your pet’s identity to airport security. If you have a small animal, carrying them in a carrier or kennel may be easier and safer to prevent them from moving about the cabin. Finally, make sure you allow your pet to use the restroom as often as possible using readily available pet relief areas. These can be found around larger airports.

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Traveling with pets in the car

Car travel is much easier on pets and owners than air travel, but you still want to make sure your friend is comfortable during the trip. Cars are bumpy, noisy, and contain multitudes of smells and sights that your dog or cat is not used to. This can make for a stressful ride for your pet. As with airlines, consider keeping your animal in a kennel covered with a sheet to block out some of the stimuli if they are used to a cage. If allowing them to roam about the car is easier, make sure they don’t get underneath your feet in case they block your brake.

Bring along a leash to stop for potty breaks, food, and water to keep them nourished, and some doggy bags with wipes for accidents. 

traveling-with-a-dog-in a car-travel-animals

Animal friendly Places to Stay

After you completed the travel portion of your trip, you have to focus on finding a location for you and your furry friend to sleep. Hotels usually have their specifications and pricing for pets listed on their websites, so call ahead to make sure your pet is allowed and schedule your reservation then, to make checking in easier later.

If you’d like something a little more special, consider a pet retreat on your next trip. These are nicer cabins and cottages that are designed and maintained to make you and your pet as comfortable during your stay as possible. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Suffolk, you can find dog friendly cottages all along the coastline that provide access to gorgeous forests, quaint traditional villages, and plenty of new sights and smells for your companion to experience. 


Plan your route and your accommodation on time, so that your furry friend is included.


After you’ve found a place to stay, you may be wondering what activities you and your pet can do together during your trip. Thankfully, there are tons of fun activities to find during your travels. For example, in Suffolk, you can find plenty of restaurants that have outdoor seating for you and your dog, like Suffolk Food Hall and Cookhouse Restaurant. You can also take walks along the gorgeous coastline, through breathtaking parks, or even to see the giant boatbuilding industry that exists within the region. 

Performing some prior research is absolutely key to a successful trip with your pet. Make sure you make reservations for airline tickets, hotels, and cottages, in addition to any activities you’d like to do in the target location.

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