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This season at Premae, Award Winning creator, Lady Clare Eluka BSYA ACHP is teaching women about the art of layering your skincare to acquire the ultimate Visage Vert, French for ‘Green Face’.

Premae's Visage Vert – The Green Face Hypothesis

Premae is well known for being the world’s 1st Allergy-free certified beauty brand, with each product specially formulated with powerful Alkaline ingredients to delay the signs of ageing whilst holistically protecting the skin from irritations usually associated with the over exposure to synthetic chemicals and harsh cleansing agents. The brand endorsed by Janey Lee Grace, has won 12 awards and features in Vogue, Forbes & Marie Claire.


Premae is prolific about selecting premium herbs, plants and green fruits and vegetables designed to actively soothe and condition the skin cells and boost the skins immune system.


The system is a unique 6 steps to skin pure-fection.

The first step is to layer the face with the hybrid Balance Rescue Gel Cleanser containing Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera – vitamin A enriched green ingredient, to condition whilst slowly cleansing away decongestion and impurities.

BR_Face Wash_product

The second layer is the NEW Plush Therapy Mild Dermabrasion with Italian Olive Granules, perfect for buffering away dead skin cells which can make the skin look aged, dull and lacklustre.

PT Exfoliator

The third layer is the NEW Plush Therapy Creme Masque, a concentrated Kaolin Clay / Coca Butter infusion which draws out 2nd and 3rd layer impurities which cause reoccurring blemishes, spots and acne.

The 4th layer is the Double Award Balance Rescue Tonique for combination skin, fortified with Rose Water, the ‘Queen of PH7’ hydrosols.

BR_Face Tonique_product

Always follow with our Smoothie Serum primers and Creme Balm to protect and prime the skin ready for make-up.


Why is having a green face so important?

“We live in an acidic world, where most people consume an acidic diet which reflects in the poor circulation and depleted cell regeneration of their skin. By layering the face with green alkaline fruits and vegetable oils, the skin experiences a restored balance and nutritional protection and replenishment”


– Clare Eluka.


So what’s different about Premae?

Premae is the world’s first certified allergen-free Vegan beauty brand. All their products are free from the 8 main food allergen ingredients in the world – which it is thought to account for 90% of allergies – milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat.


For more information about Premae Skincare, please visit:



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