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Flexibility makes your life just that bit easier, and without it, life can be quite difficult. Being flexible has so many benefits from improved joints, mobility, and less of a risk from things like arthritis. It can also improve moving about in everyday life, traveling or any kind of sport or exercise you do, so much. If you do find that being mobile comes easily to you, count yourself as lucky, but for many people it can a challenge everyday. If you do find that mobility and flexibility is a challenge for you while traveling or in your everyday life, then there are some things you can do to improve it.  However inflexible you are, your flexibility and health can always be improved. Here are some ideas and tips to get you started, that will help you to be able to move with ease, improve your flexibility while traveling and become your most mobile self!

improve flexibility while traveling - travel tips

Stretching and Yoga

It is advisable that you warm up before you start stretching statically, which basically means stretching from a standstill or from a seated position. Stretching is  not only a good idea before exercise to prevent injury and to help your body function to its full potential when you do but also before boarding a long flight, while on the flight and after. A great excercise that you can do to improve your flexibility while traveling is yoga. It is calming and can be a great form of fitness and a way to build strength. Yoga is so good for your flexibility because it is essentially stretching! A few sun salutations day, or an intense hot yoga session, will do the world of good for your flexibility. Remember to try out new poses to constantly challenge yourself and keep your body learning new things. Note: Take advantage of free outdoor yoga while you visit different countries.

Aerobic Exercise

Improving your strength is good for you in so many ways, but aerobic exercises such as swimming, cycling and running is what really improves your fitness. However you use your body, whether that’s walking the dog or competitive cycling, this kind of activity can really improve your mobility. Although by running or swimming your not using your body to the max, like you are with  yoga or stretching, doing cardio gets you warmed up and loosens up your muscles. This is why you are most flexible after these kind of activities. By doing any kind of activity that uses your  body and gets  your heart rate going, you are increasing your mobility. I usually take advantage of the pool at the hotel where I stayed or simply wake up early to go for a run or to use the treadmill at their gym. There are now many hotels in which you can rent sneakers and items for working out if you do not want to carry them on your luggage.

running while traveling - flexibility while traveling

Now, Combine the Two!

The combination of cardio with some stretching before and after is what will maximize your mobility and flexible. Try stretching before, and then after exercise, and see the difference between the two. You will feel your body already becoming more mobile and flexible. A well as a range of exercises our can do, like yoga, certain programs are targeted towards flexibility. So Unlock Your Hip Flexors – Review on Combining both stretching and moving your body, can do wonders for your flexibility. It is totally possible to do this while traveling. It is all about priorities and health should be one of your main ones.

It might seem very simple but stretching, yoga, and many kinds of exercise is going to improve your flexibility while traveling. There are so many benefits to your health and body, so get stretching!

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