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Vegetarians would be the happiest by reading this post, because now they can have fun-filled trips and vacations across five major tourist destinations, where mostly vegetarians thrive. From north to south, east to west and in between, while the world thrives on various delicacies from the world of plants and veggies, vegetarians now can travel being on a meat-free diet and enjoy their sightseeing tours too. Read on to find out the perfect places for a Vegetarian vacation.

Here are five destinations that would make you the happiest, being a vegetarian and visiting them. Read on!

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United Kingdom

Shocked? Don’t be! Back in the 1800s, the abstinence from meat and non-vegetarian items was the norm and was embraced by radical thinkers as well. While the Second World War was on, there was heavy rationing on meat and was known to be a lux affair, should families serve or cook ribs or fat of an animal. The 1960s saw the revival of vegetarianism once again, with the famous pop band Beatles motivating everyone to embrace the idea of munching on all things veggies and fruits for better health. However, in this day and age with plenty of health and multi-cultural labeling happening around, the UK is one of the best places for vegetarians to travel to. It isn’t tough to find one in two eateries out there serving vegetarian only meals.

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The religious diet followed by Israelis brings about the abundance of vegetarianism in the country, thanks to the Kashrut laws, making it impossible for commercial eateries to serve dairy and meat produce together at their outlets. This means, as a vegetarian and should you be traveling to Israel, brace yourself for easy vegetarian food outlets to grab a bite at; much more easy than finding a place to dig into ribs and salamis!



With majority of the nations’ citizens being Hindus and Brahmin that too, India is a fine example of vegetarianism. In fact, a great deal of food much more than just being vegetarian is vegan, and there aren’t much dairy products used as well. Even if the meal is a western inspired one, the cooks ensure nothing non-vegetarian (ingredient wise) goes into the making of the meal.

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Italians are known to cook to cater to their guests needs and personal tastes. And the restaurants here are friendly enough to serve vegetarian only meals, from breakfasts to brunches, mid-day meals to lunches, teas to dinners and a midnight snacking pizza too. every nook and corner across the nation boasts of eateries and restaurants serving plenty of vegetarian delights. Even if someone enters a restaurant that serves primarily meat dishes, customizations sans the meat can be done for your tastes only!



With a very large Buddhist population to its name, Thailand has a very holistic approach to vegetarianism. In accordance to the Theravada tradition, which is seen across the country in full-force, meat is eaten only when offered and not when you buy it for consumption. Vegetarianism is highly recommended by the Mahayana sect of the Buddhist clan, which is why fruits and veggies, or a great deal of vegan touches are added to every plate served in Thailand.

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Japan and China too are pretty famous for being hubs of vegetarianism these days, and the Buddhist culture here is to be credited for the same.

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Are you familiar with other destinations that are great for vegetarians? Let us know below.

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