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When we think of cruises, the iconic Titanic comes into our minds. Large ships that burst through the waves of any ocean, in luxury and grandeur crossing thousands of miles of open water. Indeed this is the most recognized image all over the world but actually, there are more cruises done in calmer and warmer waters. For example the most popular kinds of cruises are short and visit multiple cities and towns in the space of a few days. These are done mainly in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Caribbean. The Mediterranean cruises are easy to wrap your head around as they go back and forth from Southern Europe to North Africa. However, the Caribbean is more complex as the cruises go through many different small islands and nations. Located in South America, here’s what you can expect on your very first Caribbean cruise.

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It’s hot but…

The key difference between Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises is that, both of them will be hot temperatures during the day but only one of them cool off during the night. It stays hot and humid throughout the night on Caribbean cruises so you should make sure you have slim and light clothes to wear during the day and night. And, even though it is hot you should be mindful of creatures like mosquitos and small bugs that are often carried off by the coastal updrafts and out toward the sea. Have some bug repellent in your suitcase just in case.

Day by day

Caribbean cruises are designed to visit multiple small islands in the same of a few days. Therefore make sure you are rested and ready for each day. You can depart from a port at 8 pm and arrive at the next destination 12 hours later unlike other cruises where it takes a full day of cruising. To see what kind of itinerary that would suit your desires check out cruise holidays from Bolsover Cruise Club where there are a plethora of cruise lines that specialize in Caribbean cruises only. They show you the prices and cabins for each ship and trip plan, so you can find what is perfect for your needs.

Eating out

Since you are visiting different locations every day, you shouldn’t want to eat in the restaurant aboard your vessel. Try to plan ahead and figure out which local eatery and restaurant you want to dine at. This means however, you will need to coincide with the ship’s curfew and not stay out too late. Caribbean cuisine is loved all over the world, but if you don’t like spices try to stick to soups, stews and seafood.

caribbean cuisine foodBig and popular

Caribbean cruises are very popular and the ships you’ll be on will be reasonably large. However, they may not be the largest but they still hold thousands of passengers. It can be a bit of squeeze sometimes to move around on the ship but you can balance this out by taking walks on the upper deck to get some fresh air.

The main reason why Caribbean cruises are so popular is that they are done in a tropical setting. This part of the world in South America is incredibly beautiful and full of some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world.


I hope that this quick information helped you know what to expect on your first Caribbean cruise. Enjoy your time aboard!

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