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Are you looking for a getaway full of outdoorsy experiences, adventure and culture? There are many great destinations for staying active while on vacation. Here is a list of 5 of the best adventure tourism destinations to inspire and motive you to pack your bags and go.

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Adventure Tourism Destinations: Great Destinations for Staying Active While on Vacation

1. Cuba

travel to cuba adventure tourism destinations

Viñales Valley is a great place to stay active while on your Cuba vacation. The valley is the perfect blend of cultural sites and outdoor activities that will keep everyone happy. You can go camping in the park and there are many opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, exploring caves, and visiting gardens. You can also learn more about the culture of Cuba by visiting a tobacco farm, or see the historic murals that are in the park. Cuba is known for its fabulous beaches so don’t forget to check out coastal areas like Varadero where you can stay in amazing resorts on pristine beaches.

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2. The Alps

alps in austria

The Alps are Europe’s impressive mountain range that extends through the countries of France, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. They are the perfect playground for people who are looking for an active holiday. The mountains offer up a variety of activities all year round. If you go there in the colder months you can try skiing, ice skating, ice climbing, snowshoeing or building an igloo. If you go there in the summer months you can enjoy activities like swimming, hiking, rock climbing, canyoning, and a variety of other water sports. There are also villages to explore, fabulous food to eat and cultural festivals and events that take place all year long.

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3. Tanzania

Tanzania has 23 protected parks where you can see wild animals in their natural habitat. It is a great place for a sustainable tourism adventure. You can also watch the Great Migration which offers different viewing throughout the year. You can fly over the area in a private plane, go for a ride in a 4 wheel drive, travel on horseback, or go on guided walking tours. You can choose from basic camping options to the utmost luxury experience. 

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4. Belize

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Belize is on the East Coast of Central America and it is a great place for an active break. The area is known for its fabulous scuba diving and you can see all kinds of fascinating animals and plants while exploring areas like the Belize Barrier Reef or Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The country also has stunning beaches and lots of opportunity for hiking on different terrains. Be sure to visit the ancient Mayan ruins of Caracol, Altun Ha, and Lamanai to learn more about the fascinating Mayan culture.

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5. Chile

chile travel active travel

The country of Chile offers up many opportunities for people who are looking for active vacations and there are many different activities to explore. Head to the Atacama Desert and you can give the sport of sand-boarding a try. Some of the sand dunes reach 120 metres and the ride is thrilling. Be sure to visit areas like the Patagonia region or the Atacama Desert where you can enjoy activities like trekking, kayaking, mountaineering, mountain biking, and many other activities. If you go there in the winter months you can also enjoy thrilling sports like skiing, snowboarding, and ice climbing. Transportation around the country is really convenient and you can easily reach the most remote areas.

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I hope that this list of the best adventure tourism destinations inspire you to plan your visit. What other destinations are great for staying active while on vacation? Share your answer in the comments.

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