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Traveling for the first time is an experience unlike any other. You can never relive the first time you set off on an adventure, unsure what awaits you. But as a traveling novice, safety should be a priority. To help you have a happy and healthy trip, we’ve gathered some of the best travel tips around for first-time solo travelers to stay safe. Check them out!

6 Safety Tips For First-Time Travellers

1. Try not to stand out

Unfortunately, travelers and tourists can be targets of petty crime. Opportunistic thieves will try and spot signs you’re not a local and test out their luck. Whether it’s pick-pocketing you or trying out a scam, you’re better off blending in so you’re not an easy target. Safety should always be first. Some dead giveaways include:

  • Wearing sandals with white socks
  • Wearing trainers/sneakers
  • Wearing a bum-bag/fanny pack (unless you’re in the US perhaps)
  • Carrying a camera around your neck
  • Having a tourist map sticking out of your pocket
  • Wearing shorts & t-shirts when everyone else is dressed for business

2. Leave your valuables at home

There’s a general rule when it comes to packing for travelling – anything you’re not willing to lose, leave behind.

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3. Get your vaccinations early

With new experiences comes new risks. Traveling to foreign, exciting places exposes you to bacterial, fungal and parasitic illnesses that you might not be accustomed to back home. At times, these places are undeveloped and unhygienic.

Poor sanitation and unwashed food in warm and moist countries are the likeliest culprits when it comes to harboring the growth of organisms, which can lead to infections. But it’s not only that. Diseases can also be passed on from insects and bug bites, flies and even swimming in contaminated water. They recommend getting your vaccinations booked in at least six to eight weeks before you’re due to travel.

4. Keep things separate

Next up, we’ve got another tip to avoid petty crime. Instead of keeping all your valuables (such as your cash, credit cards, and identification) in one place, separate them out to prevent you from losing everything if someone was to target you. Keep what you need on your person, and then store other items away locked in a hotel safe, for example. This is one  of the number one safety tips that we can provide you with.

5. Stay connected

The days of traveling without a smartphone are long gone. So long as you find out whether your mobile phone has roaming capabilities at your destination, you’ll always have a lifeline. Another great and innovative option is to rent or buy a portable wifi device. It can be your map, your entertainment, your research tool and your connection with home. Let them know you’re safe and have a good catch up. Another safety tip: Learn the emergency number and find where is your country’s embassy.

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6. Eat fresh food

When traveling, your budget might be tight. But something you should never scrimp on is fresh food. It’ll keep you feeling good, rather than relying on processed food. Perhaps surprisingly, one of the best places to find fresh food is street food stalls. They get a bit of a bad reputation sometimes. But as long as you stick to places popular with the locals and where the dishes are cooked freshly, it’s a great way of getting healthy food for a good price.

How do you stay safe and healthy when you’re traveling? Share your recommendations with us.

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6 Safety Tips For First-Time Solo Travelers
6 Safety Tips For First-Time Solo Travelers

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