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For some, a holiday just isn’t a holiday without plenty of sun. The good news is that there’s always somewhere in the world where it’s sunny.  Here are some of the best warm weather destinations for sun seekers, month by month. Let’s go chasing the sun around the world to find the hottest sunny vacation spots.


Best warm weather destinations for sun seekers month by month


January may be cold and grey in places like the US and UK, but there are plenty of places where it’s nice and hot. Depending on your location, you can choose to visit Short-haul or Long-haul destinations such as Australia, the Caribbean and South America, all work well. Remember that some places will be pretty busy at the start of January, so wait until the middle or end of the month for a quieter break.

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February is the month of romance, so why not get away from it all with a loved one? Asia is ideal in February, or why not head for Cape Verde off the coast of west Africa, an intriguing blend of African and Portuguese culture. A worthwhile adventure!

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cape verde west africa
Cape Verde, West Africa


The weather in Europe improves in March, so traveling to southern Italy, for example, is a safe bet for sunshine. This is also a fantastic time of year to visit places such as Florida and New York as both of these states can get super hot during the summer months, but in March they are pleasantly warm. For guaranteed high temperatures, try the Maldives, which can reach 30˚C.

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maldives getaway goodbye winter chasing the sun
The Maldives


Greece is lovely in April, as is Malta and the Balearic Islands. The USA is also another good choice, with Los Angeles and Las Vegas lovely and warm. Amsterdam is also warm and sunny at this time of year and it’s also tulip season, so expect a visual feast.

Tulips field in The Netherlands
Tulips field in The Netherlands


This is one of the best times of year to visit Europe, especially destinations such as Portugal and Croatia. The weather is nice enough to sunbathe and enjoy the beaches and pools, but not so hot that you can’t go out in the midday heat. The Bahamas are also a good option in May, since the rainy and typhoon seasons haven’t yet begun.

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Dubronik, Croatia


Scandinavia comes into its own in June – the weather is gorgeous and the scenery is stunning. This is the time of year where the sun hardly sets – an amazing experience! The Greek islands are also spectacular in June, but beware as they are start to get busy at this time of year. Brazil and the Caribbean offer great weather, too.

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Visit Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden


Sun-seekers have plenty of choice in July, one of the warmest months across Europe – Spain and Italy are both great choices. Those looking for far-off lands should consider Indonesia, Peru and Bolivia.

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bay cove bolivia escape winter
Bay Cove, Bolivia


August is the ideal month to head off on a sun-filled family holiday as children are away from school and everyone is in a great mood. The weather is amazing almost everywhere too, especially in Europe, where France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, all bask in the sun. For somewhere further afield, why not try the Canary Islands or Mauritius?

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santorini greece goodbye winter
Santorini, Greece


Things start to cool off in September, but that doesn’t mean they become cold. This is a great month to visit Portugal and the beaches are still very much open. North Africa is another good choice as the temperature is comfortable level. The USA is great, too – New England is known for its beautiful, color-filled autumn landscapes.

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algarve portugal
Algarve, Portugal


Temperatures are dropping across Europe now, but there are still many hot October holiday destinations to think about. Egypt is amazing at this time of year, as is South Africa. For a less expensive option guaranteed to offer sun, try Turkey or Cyprus. Although the season is starting to wind down at this time of year, the weather is still great and you can get some brilliant bargains.

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Solo Females Can Travel To Turkey: What You Need To Know Before You Visit
Istanbul, Turkey


It may be winter in the UK, but there are still plenty of destinations to top up the tan. Morocco is one such place, as is Dubai, where the ultra-hot temperatures mellow to the high 20s.

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Sahara Desert Morocco Dreams in Heels
Sahara Desert Morocco


The Caribbean is at its driest in December, which is why it’s such a popular winter-sun choice. It’s not as warm as in the summer, but temperatures still hover in the high 20s – perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

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Bahamas Paradise Island Vacation

There is so much choice open to you when choosing a sun-packed holiday, it’s hard to know where to start, but this month-by-month guide  of warm weather destinations will take out some of the guesswork. Happy sun-seeking!

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