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This post is dedicated to all those of you who travel. Why on earth would this post about Vitamin C serum be related to traveling? The answer is pretty simple. Let’s face it. We usually travel to sunny countries to discover new cultures, breathtaking landscapes, new people, and awesome food. Did you notice the adjective “sunny”? Yeah sunny, and even though some rays of sun are vital to our health and mood, our skin needs definitely to be protected from its harmful effects.

It is perfectly fine to travel but we don’t want to get older and wrinkled skin because of too much sun. That is why you, awesome travelers should all be using a Vitamin C serum day and night.

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Why to use Vitamin C serum during the day time?

Vitamin C serum is great to fight the pesky free radicals from the environment and enhance your sunscreen protection with powerful antioxidants working as a shield.

Why to use Vitamin C serum during the night time?

It is perfect to stimulate and repair your skin from sun damage and boost skin collagen production while you sleep.

Anyway, don’t worry; I won’t go any further with the scientific pitch. We all know Vitamin C serums are super effective to keep smoother and younger skin.

The problem? There are countless brands that claim to propose the best Vitamin C serums in the world. But don’t worry; you will be covered with this complete guide to Vitamin C serums that will explain you in plain English the 10 simple criteria to check before buying any Vitamin C serum.

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This guide was a guest post written by the professional team at, a beauty blog with detailed reviews and guide for your beauty. You will be guided step by step and definitely find the perfect Vitamin C serum for your skin and wallet (yep there are many cheaper alternatives to the leader brand.)

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    Your blog is very much informative. We can get enough amount of information from it. Vitamin C is so important!

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