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How often do women on the go need to rush in the morning from the gym to work, catch an early flight or just run from meeting to meeting? We want to go quickly without carrying too much, but still looking presentable and natural. Does this sound familiar? Well then, keep reading because there is a way in which you can still have your face looking flawless, while also eliminating bulky make-up bags!

Olga Maria Travels - Dreams in Heels

As a jetsetter, businesswoman, and even as a New Yorker, I am always on the go and have experienced these moments many times. In my profession as a travel writer, I sometimes fly from one day to the other for press trips or I need to run to an early morning meeting and I end up doing my make-up on the subway, bus or plane right before landing! Many times, I do not want to carry a bulky make-up bag, but rather only my smaller handbag.

There are also those unexpected moments, like the time the airline misplaced my luggage and inside was my whole cosmetic bag. I had to stay overnight in my hotel without any toiletries and, at the time, I wish I’d had a quick solution rather than having to find a pharmacy before my meeting and purchasing additional products. Well, the solution is here for those “just in case” moments that all women experience.

Pocket Palette Single Use Make up

Pocket Palette is a convenient and easy way to do your make-up on the go! And it is extremely sanitary, since you do not need to open up your personal make-up bag in a public bathroom or space. You can just quickly touch up, throw it away and go. It is a lifesaver to keep in your purse, carry-on luggage and other key places like your desk at work, gym bag and more. In addition, the Pocket Palette (a women-owned start-up) is manufactured in the USA and was founded by a Latina entrepreneur, Lynda T.C. Peralta.

Through her experience, and that of family and friends, Lynda wanted to create a solution to ease the pain of carrying heavy make-up bags so that women could travel lighter but still have the essentials needed to look their best wherever they go!

Pocket Palette Make-up

What can you expect to find in a Pocket Palette?

A single-use, full-face make-up kit with a single serving of three products: A multipurpose lip/cheek color, BB cream, and mascara, packaged into a tear away pouch. I also love that everything is cruelty-free. And no special applicators needed; each of these items can be applied with the use of one’s hands and be thrown away after each use.

The Pocket Palette will launch with three skin tone options (light, medium, and dark). They are selling the pocket palette in sets of five so people can purchase them and leave them in multiple places (like those key areas I mentioned previously). What a great product!

Pocket Palette is live on Kickstarter! Click here to buy your first kit!

Join the revolution by backing and supporting this Kickstarter project before October 31st. This make-up kit is equivalent to the spare hair band and/or pins that you leave everywhere or carry with you for those bad hair days. And it’s especially made for women in the go!

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