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Traveling around the world is exciting, it gives us so many incredible experiences and opportunities, broadening our horizons when it comes to people, places and other cultures. But, far too often many of us are quick to cross a place off the list once we’ve been there (especially when it comes to holiday travel); however, we don’t believe that should be the case. Some destinations are just so special, that even the most adventurous travelers want to return again and again.

You could wonder whether revisiting the same holiday location is a waste of time, thinking you should be adding to the list of places you’ve seen. But every time you make a return visit, you’ll find yourselves connecting more with your chosen location and learning so much more. If you’re avoiding a place just because you’ve already been there, let us change your mind.

Holiday Travel: Why you should revisit the same holiday destination?

holiday travel vacations If a destination fulfills your interests and requirements, why not revisit?

A destination can have it all, and be fulfilling in terms of your interests. If you know the language well, love the food and have found a place that’s family friendly, a place that fits you all, as much as you fit it, why shouldn’t you go back?

 world holiday travel

The feeling of being both at home and on an adventure

As humans, we’re creatures of habit, and while breaking out of your comfort is always important, returning to a place you love is both nostalgic and comforting. Revisiting the same destination allows you to be more relaxed and at ease in your location, you can soak up the surroundings in a state of ease instead of having the complete sense of being overwhelmed with somewhere completely new.

Return to your favorite cafe, order the best coffee you’ve ever tasted and look out at the view you’ve dreamed about since you were last there. You might have already learnt key phases and are familiar with the language and the surroundings, so you could begin to consider it a ‘home away from home’.

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favorite cafeSee more of what you love

Visiting the same destination more than once gives you the chance to expand your itinerary. If you left with the feeling of there being more to see and do, challenge yourself to try a new restaurant, see a new attraction and take part in a new activity each time you visit. Discover the hidden gems that make this place unique, and you’ll fall in love with this location even more.

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Places change

Places changes over time, so if you revisit the same destination there’s a chance you’ll experience something new – new sights, stores, restaurants and bars. You can’t necessarily revisit the same place and expect everything to be the same. You could travel at a slightly different time of year, and take in a festival or celebration. Sample a different season, seeing how your favorite place looks in the early summer and late autumn, for a contrasting atmosphere. Changing seasons will mean you’ll concentrate on different areas and aspects of a place and even the change in weather can do the same. You could spend a sunny day exploring parks and cafes, or a rainy day spent admiring museum and gallery tours.

So, if you’ve found a favorite place in the world, don’t be afraid to head back there on your holiday travel vacations again and again!

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Holiday Travel: Why you should revisit the same holiday destination

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