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If you love animals, then there are so many amazing travel ideas out there for you to explore. Your options are wide open, and you have the chance to travel somewhere to enjoy something you’re passionate about. Check out the best ideas for animal lovers right here:


Do A Tour Of Africa

Africa is arguably the most beautiful continent on the planet. It’s made up of so many countries, each with interesting cultures and striking differences. One of the things that make this continent so great is that the views are superb. There are loads of gorgeous landscapes that take your breath away and make for amazing Instagram photos. Plus, for animal lovers, it’s the ultimate travel destination. There are so many amazing species of animals that reside all over Africa. More to the point, you will see animals here that you’re likely to not see anywhere else in the world. There are plenty of countries around the continent that are famous for their beautiful wildlife, like Kenya, Madagascar, and South Africa. It’s too hard to pinpoint one country in Africa for you to visit. Instead, take a tour around the entire continent and see so many amazing animals. It’s the ultimate gap year destination for animal lovers.

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Look For Volunteering Opportunities

One of the best travel ideas for animal lovers is to look for volunteering opportunities. All it takes is a quick Google search, and you will find plenty of organizations that allow you to volunteer with animals. My advice is to find an opportunity in a foreign country that you’ve never visited before. It enables you to travel to a new place while helping out with the local wildlife in that destination too. The best thing is, a lot of volunteer projects are built around protecting animals that are endangered. So, as well as enjoying a great trip and being around animals, you’re also making a huge difference. You’re part of a group of people that are trying to protect animals from dying out and ensuring they live full lives in their natural habitats.

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Visit Antarctica

The final travel idea I have is to visit Antarctica. I know, it sounds pretty vague, but trust me, it’s a great idea for animal lovers. The beauty of Antarctica is that it presents a climate most of us aren’t used to. As a consequence, there are animals here that you’ve probably never seen before in real life. The biggest focal point has to be the Penguins. There are so many stunning penguin colonies that you can watch from afar as they march around the icy planes. It’s such a unique experience, and you finally get to see these animals in their natural habitat instead of behind bars at a zoo. So, if you can handle cold conditions, Antarctica is the place for you.


If you’re passionate about animals and love seeing wildlife, then these ideas are all brilliant. They take traveling to the next level as you’re going away with a purpose. You have animals you want to see and new experiences to enjoy. Consider any of these ideas if you’re traveling this year.


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