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Routines can be fantastic… they help us build healthy habits and keep us accountable for all those things that we know we should be doing, but sometimes resist—like, ahem, flossing. However, while some routines are good for the long haul, others may need a bit of maintenance. Beauty routines, for example, tend to be one of those that need a switch up every so often. If you’ve been feeling in a bit of a beauty rut lately, consider adding these refreshers to your routine.

Find a Good Esthetician


If you’ve never been to an esthetician and you want a serious skin and beauty reset, then this is a good place to start. Estheticians are skin specialists, and really good ones can work miracles on pretty much everything, from treating open and closed comedones to finding products that won’t irritate psoriasis. They start by evaluating your skin type, assessing trouble areas, and helping create a customized skin care routine that works best for you. Most estheticians are also able to work in tandem with a dermatologist to create a regular skincare regime that is compatible with any medications a doctor may have prescribed. What’s more, these specialists can help combat any sort of seasonal skin yuckiness, such as excess dryness or the ill effects of one too many pina coladas during your spring getaway, with customized facials or masques.


Work with the Season


Seasonal shifts are one of the biggest signals that it’s time for a change in routine. During the cooler winter months we tend to wear heavier moisturizers and use thicker foundations; however, when summer comes around we may find that our typical beauty routine just isn’t jiving. We may start seeing more breakouts than usual, or find that our favorite products are melting away in the summer heat. The same rings true for the cooler months, when we find our skin needs a little more help. Shift your routine with the season. Of course, this may depend on your skin type, but a general guideline is stick to either tinted moisturizers or powder formula makeup in the summer and save the liquid formulas and heavy duty creams for the dryer months.


Take Care of Your Tools

One of easiest things you can do to completely turn your beauty regime on its head is also completely free. All it requires is to take an extra bit of time to take care of your beauty tools. Often, a sudden crop of acne on your chin, or a forest of fresh blackheads can be attributed to brushes that have gone unwashed for far too long, or makeup that is constantly dipped into and/or applied with dirty fingers. First off, start a habit of cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week. There are plenty of makeup brush cleaners and solutions to ensure your tools are getting a proper scrub down, and once you get in the habit it shouldn’t take you more than ten or fifteen minutes. Secondly, while this should be a no-brainer, make sure to keep dirty hands and finger out of your makeup. If you’re one to dab and smudge and forgo any tools, it’s essential that you wash your hands before applying product. Not only will you protect your skin from an unwanted bacteria, your products will last longer too.


Switch It Up

When all else fails, try something new. Consider trying out that dark lip color you’ve been eyeing, or switching up your hairstyle. Even just working in accessories or trying a new way of styling, such as braids or a stylish top knot can make a world of difference. The same can be said for playing with new products. It’s easy to stick to a product for such a long time that you overlook when it’s stopped being as effective as it once was. Give yourself permission to play with a new leave-in conditioner or foundation… who’s to say you can’t go back if you want to. And lastly, cheat on your stylist—really, it’s ok, your karma will still be intact.  If you typically wax your eyebrows, give threading a shot. Try microblading or tinting your eyelashes. We all have our favorites, but if you always visit the same hair salon, nail spot or facialist, go ahead and give a new one with good reviews a shot. You may just find a hidden gem and a fresh stylist that adds a whole new dimension to your style.


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How to Revamp Your Beauty Routine




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    This is such a good post. My beauty routine really needs a shake up, I keep getting spots on my cheeks so I really want to brighten my skin!
    Thanks for sharing, such great tips.

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