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Some of the beautiful travel destinations fall in the Southeast Asian region, which is the reason for the growth of Southeast Asia Travel Packages. The nations that fall in the Southeast region are Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Cambodia, and Indonesia. 

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Some of the top tourist destinations in the world, such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and so on fall in this region. Here is a report that will help you know more about the popularity of Southeast Asian nations as a tourist destination.

Although you might be excited looking forward to your next travel plan, you should also need to be aware of a few things in Southeast Asia to ensure that you do not end up ruining your trip. 

9 Things You should Note Down Before Traveling to the Southeast Asian region

Some of the things that I’m about to mention here will arouse a need to make some modifications in your overall tour plan for making sure you have excellent travel experience. Without further ado, let’s check out the nine things that you must know about Southeast Asia before you set your foot in that region.

1. Numerous multi-country routes

The connected routes between nations make it easier to travel from one country to the other. You can choose whatever means of transportation you want from bus, cruise, to airways. 

The image above represents the border of Thailand and Cambodia, which shows the ease of traveling from one nation to the other. The flexible visa options make it simpler for tourists to get the best value from their money spent, as it is no difficult task to hop from one country to the other when you are in a South Asian country.

Travel around Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, and so on and do not limit yourself to only one nation if you’re planning for a tour in Southeast Asia.

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2. Cash Economy

You will come across plenty of guest houses and vendors who will not accept card payment. By not carrying cash with you, you are inviting conflict in Southeast countries.

There will also be plenty of small amounts that you would need to make where paying by cash will be more convenient. If you are traveling to rural parts of these nations, there will be a compulsion to pay with paper money and no other option could be available. Also, you may not find coins, as those nations have higher denomination currency there. 

3. You may need to bring your toilet papers when visiting rural areas

The squat toilets are pretty standard in Southeast Asian nations, and many tourists have found it uncomfortable in the past while using the restroom. Also, you can expect public toilets to be not-so-good for use at times. You must prepare for all the hassles, and by having the right kind of mindset, you can overcome these issues.

Make sure you keep toilet paper and hand sanitizer in your backpack to stay out of trouble.

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4. Expect some trouble in public vehicles

Unlike in the developed part of the world, open vehicles are not well managed in Southeast Asian nations. The people will rush into the bus to be seated, as the number of people will likely be way more than the available seats.

There will be no personal space in public vehicles in the countries that you travel, and you should also know in advance that you will find sweaty people around you in buses. 

5. Do not be surprised if you deal with scammers now and then

From drivers, guards, to travel guides, you will find some scammers among them, so be aware. I’m not trying to freak you out by saying this, but it is the reality that you need to cope.

The taxi drivers will try to take a longer route, and they may also manipulate the taxi meter. Furthermore, retailers may also overcharge you for the product, so make some inquiry before purchasing a product. 

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6. Beware of tourist traps

The tourism industry is growing at a rapid rate, so are the number of scammers that are trying to exploit the opportunity to rip off tourists. One of the reasons for increasing scams is due to the problem of poverty and a desire to make extra bucks quickly.

Instead of contributing money to beggars and orphanages, look for authentic organizations that will provide some help to them. Also, do not visit places like “tiger temple”, where they treat animal cruelty solely for entertaining visitors.

7. Chaotic traffic can obstruct your travel plan

Most of the foreigners find it surprising when looking at the road and traffic condition of the place. You will find people ignoring traffic lights, crossing the road, even when there is no zebra crossing, and so on.

There will also be a lot of traffic jam on the road at times, so it can lead you to modify your travel schedule. 

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8. Always have some amount of US Dollars and Euros

You will need to deal with various currencies like rupee, dong, and so on if you plan to travel to multiple countries. It is always the best bet to have some local currencies intact before leaving the nation, according to the places that you want to travel.

The currencies are not so strong so that you can expect more money in exchange for your nation’s currency. Also, it is an excellent choice to have some US dollars and Euros in your wallet, so that you can avoid the trouble of currency exchanges. Many vendors will accept dollars or Euros in those nations. 

9. Be careful if you are planning to eat some street foods and avoid tap waters

The case of food poisoning is not unusual in the Southeast Asian region. You might be tempted to taste some cheap and delicious street foods in the area, but be extra wary if you do not have a strong stomach. One of the ways to reduce the risk of stomach problems is by only consuming foods that vendors cook for you in the very place.

Another concern is the drinking water, and at any cost, you must avoid tap waters. Only drink filtered water or high-quality mineral water.

Over to You

Even though Southeast Asia region boasts many popular tourist destinations, you must keep in mind that the nations in this area are developing nations with their share of problems that are more serious than the developed countries. With that said, it does not mean that you cannot have a great tour here.

By keeping a note of the things that I’ve mentioned here, you not only can have a good conversation with the locals, but you are also more likely to save yourself from any sorts of dangers that you might experience in your journey. 

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