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Are you packing up for a great vacation to Japan? Pretty sure you are trying to list down all the things you can do once you’re there. This amazing Asian country has a lot of activities, sightseeing, and attractions you should visit and experience while you’re there. This country is packed with adventure, and it will take you a bit longer to experience all of them.

However, it doesn’t have to take a long period of time to experience everything that is Japan. Here are five things you can do on your holiday vacation in the beautiful “Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan.


Best experiences in Japan


Ski Down Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji is a national monument in Japan. With the signature ice peak rising from the Japanese horizon, it is a breathtaking view you should see during your vacation.

If you are coming in between the end of September up to the Yuletide seasons, winter ski is something you should try on the slopes of this mountain. If you are celebrating your Christmas in Japan, snow gliding in Mt. Fuji is something you should try.

For the adventurous tourist, you can also take the climb up and ski down this isolated volcano. If you are coming in during summer in the country, you would find yourself entering the off-season which is dangerous for a climb and ski. Nonetheless, if you are brave enough, the experience is worth the risk.

This famous mountain is also one of the nearest tourist attractions in Japan, which is 50 miles from Tokyo City. Ski resorts are dotted around the slopes, so you can experience gliding down the snow or do some skiing while you’re there. Resorts like Fuji-ten Snow Resort and Snow Town Yeti have great top, middle, and bottom ski slopes plus all the amenities you need for a day of snow fun.


Visit the Temples of Kyoto

If you are looking for Japanese temples, the town of Kyoto is your ultimate destination. With over 1,600 temples, you would have a lot of options to choose from that should comprise a whole day or two to visit all of them. If this is a lot to visit, I’ve made up a list of the temples to visit. They are all rated as the best by those who have visited these temples before.

Here is the list of the best and highly-rated temples in Kyoto:

  • Chion-in Temple
  • Daitoku-ji Temple
  • Kinkaku-ji Temple
  • Ginkaku-ji Temple
  • Tofuku-ji Temple
  • Honen-in Temple
  • Nanzen-ji Temple

These temples are the best for an overall Kyoto experience. However, it is also best to see those that are not on this list. Most of the temples here have great Zen gardens, Japanese flora, and waterworks that makes the vibe tranquil and nature-like. The Ginkaku-ji Temple and Ryoan-ji Temple have the best garden layouts among all the temples.

To taylor your holiday to what you want to see and do, it’s recommended to opt for a Japanese tour guide to add luxureousness to your Kyoto temple excursion. Most local guides are knowledgeable about the temple’s history, its purpose, it’s Buddhist or Shinto roots, and other relevant information of these magnificent structures.


Visit the Peace Park in Hiroshima

The Peace Park in Hiroshima, once the site of a bustling city center, is now a complex of structures, monuments, and a museum that retells its visitors to what really happened. More than that, the park also conveys the message of peace and progress, as they have advanced into a more-developed city after the war.

Two of the places you should see on your visit to Peace Park is the A-Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Museum. The Genbaku Dome is the famous monument that everyone in the world can recognize.

It was the former Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall in Hiroshima before it was bombed in August of 1945. Today, it stands as a link of the old Hiroshima and a storybook that tells everyone about the war and its devastating effects on humankind.

The Peace Memorial Museum displays the heritage of Hiroshima and the artifacts connected to the Second World War. It also surveys the pre-war and post-war Hiroshima while conveying its personal message of peace and why it should not be taken for granted.


Go shopping in Tokyo

While all the destinations of most Japanese vacations are located outside the capital, Tokyo City is not an ordinary place where you can just pass by. This city has a great mix of modern and traditional vibes that should make you appreciate Japan, as a world leader in both modern technological advancement and cultural preservation.

If you are coming to Japan through the Narita International Airport, arranging a taxi to get you to Tokyo City in advance with navigate you through the crowds quicker. Impressively, Japanese cab drivers coming from the airport are good English speakers and tour guides as well.

You can take a visit to the famous intersection in Tokyo that almost resembles the famous junction of New York City’s Times Square. Bars, clubs, shopping malls, and bazaars are also located in the heart of the city.

Shibuya is the destination of every locals and tourists when it comes to shopping here in the city for trendy clothes and in-demand merchandise. If you are into laid-back shopping, Shinjuku is the busiest entertainment and shopping center; it simply has everything you need for a great Japanese shopping experience.


A Night out in Nagasaki

While Nagasaki is known as the other city bombed during WWII, it has become a progressive city and a center of nightlife entertainment. The city is more alive during the evening with all the lounges, bars, night clubs, and even a “one-coin bar” that should get you ¥500 drinks and some potent “strawberry milk with shochu liquor” to get you relaxed.

Shopping districts and other night businesses are also keeping the city’s nightlife very much alive. Just a little warning, though. The city can be bustled up with people on Fridays and Saturdays when most Japanese workers and college students gather up together for some exciting and memorable kampai nights.


These are just some of the must-try Japanese experiences you need to try when you visit the country. Make sure you try some of them to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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