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Looking for the best places to visit in Europe in October? Autumn in Europe is one of my favorite times of the year to visit. Why October specifically? Well, I especially love the month of October because the weather is mildly cool in some of the hottest European countries. There are also other advantages like seeing dreamy places with the fall foliage, the beautiful colors of the leaves changing, amazing fall festivals in Europe, celebrating Halloween (when possible) and the best part is it’s usually considered off season so, oftentimes, you can find great deals, along with the bonus of less crowding at popular destinations. So, what are you waiting for? October is the best month for a perfect Autumn trip to Europe.

In this post, several travel experts and I hope to inspire you to book the best trip for yourself, utilizing this comprehensive list of the best European destinations in October and why they make the perfect holiday destination during Autumn in Europe. Let’s go!

London in the Fall Dreamsinheels

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Where to travel in Europe in October: Best European travel options in October to enjoy Autumn


Best destinations to visit in Eastern Europe in October

Sarajevo in October – BOSNIA


Sarajevo is a great destination to visit in October. Summers last long in the Balkans and temperatures remain pleasant in this time of the year. The only thing that reveals fall has started are the trees that turn red and yellow.

Sarajevo has a scenic location in Bosnia. Surrounded by hills and mountains there are ample of opportunities to go hiking and see the fall foliage. A popular hike is up mount trebevic where you can see an abandoned bob sleigh track from the 1984 Olympics. For those that prefer not to walk, there is now also a new cable car that brings you to the top.

Another great place in Sarajevo in the fall is Vrelo Bosne. This park is set at the spring of the Bosna river. Waterways are intertwined with footpaths that are lined with tall trees. With the colours in the trees Vrelo Bosne is at its most beautiful in October.

And so is the rest of Sarajevo. Sarajevo is a city with lots of trees so you don’t even need to venture out far to see its fall beauty. And the good thing is that the summer crowds are gone so you can explore the city in a more relaxed way. Highlights include the old town where you feel you traveled back in time to Ottoman times. It is also a great time to visit its museums.

Sarajevo is just the beginning though. Coming back to Sarajevo’s mountains there are also a number of exciting day trips into the countryside. Cute little mountain villages like Lukomir, Cavljak and Bukovik not only show the beautiful fall foliage, but also offer a glimpse into rural Bosnian life. 

Submitted by: Ellis from

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Rila Mountains in October – BULGARIA

Rila Mountains Bulgaria in October

Hikers, spa goddesses and culture vultures can all appreciate one of Europe’s most overlooked mountain ranges in October. Only 70km from the capital of Bulgaria, the Rila mountains extend over 2400 square kms and are home to some of the Balkan’s highest peaks, including Mount Vihren (2914m) and Mount Musala (2,925m). Rila’s landscape is characterised by sunken valleys, alpine meadows, granite peaks and nearly 200 glacial lakes. Many of the mountains are connected by hiking trails and seasonal mountain huts (summer/autumn only). These make the logistics of conquering the Rila summits much simpler, but the steep ascents still require a good level of fitness.

October is the best time for trekking in order to escape the sub-zero temperatures, which freeze the mountains for much of the year, and it is a wonderful time of year for photography as the entire landscape turns a beautiful warm yellow hue. On top of that, there are numerous natural hot springs found throughout the region which are perfect for relaxing and resting weary legs for hikers and non-hikers alike. The mountains also cater to history buffs as the iconic Rila Monastery (1147m) is nestled deep in Rila’s alpine forests. This 10th century UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its colourful architecture and beautiful fortress-like exterior that will stop anyone in their tracks. If you want to make a day of it, then it’s also possible to combine a trip to the monastery with local wine tasting at Medi Valley Winery.

Submitted by: Roshni from

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Plitvice National Park in October – Central CROATIA


The absolutely best place to enjoy the fall weather and spectacular colors is at Plitvice National Park in central Croatia. The colors, waterfalls, and scenery are absolutely breathtaking and walking around the boardwalk areas with the many waterfalls and hot colors of the season is really spectacular. You can enjoy the entire park with fewer crowds and find some wonderful places for photography and capture the seasonal change. Also, the lodgings in and around the park are easier and even cheaper during this timeframe in fall. Check out my post on visiting Plitvice National Park in fall here for more inspiration and information to visiting the park and area.

Three popular things to do at the park would be to first take a tram up to the top of the boardwalk area and walk down through the many waterfall areas of the park and down to the launch area for the ferries to the other end of the park. The next thing would be to actually take a ferry ride through the main lake and take it all the way to the end of the park. The best viewpoint and third thing to do would definitely hike to the main viewpoint area at the top of the vista point at Veliki Slap in the lower falls area, it is spectacular and a photo-worthy spot to hike up to. Fall time at Plitvice with all the fall colors and saturated oranges and yellows really makes this an amazing experience to do in Croatia.

Submitted by: Noel from

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Prague in October – CZECH REPUBLIC

Prague in October_Veronika TravelGeekery

The main reason why you should visit Prague in October is the lesser crowds. Prague’s Old Town has become unbearably crowded in the warmer months and October might as well be the first good month to visit after the summer’s over.

If you’re lucky, you can enjoy a beautiful Indian summer with abundant fall foliage. Prague’s parks turn into wonderful shades of yellow, red and brown. I especially enjoy going to the Havlíčkovy Sady park located between the districts of Vinohrady and Vršovice. The tree variety makes for an interesting fall color mix. The bright yellow gingko trees are my favorite!

On a clear day, any viewpoint will show you Prague dressed in the earthy color tones of autumn. Go for a walk e.g. in the Letná park, which offers wonderful views of Prague year-round.

When the weather gets rough, tour Prague’s array of cafés of all styles from classical to hipster. Throw in a museum or two or go have a look at some of Prague Castle buildings’ interior. I also wrote a guide about what to do in Prague when it rains.

Even though it’s still a while before the Christmas markets make an appearance, in October you can still hang out at Prague’s pop up markets – such as the two locations of Manifesto at Florenc and Smíchov, which operate year-round with the exception of a few weeks in the dead of winter.

My favorite October event in Prague is the Signal Festival. Over the course of a few days, Prague’s buildings come to life with unique video mapping performances. It’s an amazing showcase and most of it around the city is for free. 

Submitted by: Veronika from

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Budapest in October – HUNGARY

Budapest Hungary in October

When it comes to the best European destinations in October, the thought of Budapest should immediately come into mind for many reasons. Budapest is one of the most popular destinations in all of Europe and for that reason is extremely populated during the summers. Travelers from all over the world are flying miles across the globe to visit this historical place. Streets are packed with kids on summer vacations sipping beers. It is just too much in the summer.

October is one of the best months to travel to Budapest. The crowd has died down, the temperature is not unbearable yet, and the city finally regains the majesty it has lost over the summer. Once ruled by the Turkish empire, Budapest houses some of the most amazing thermal baths in the world. The best thing is they are located all around the city so you can jump into one whenever you want. But you don’t want to jump in 40C water in the brutal summer heat, October is the best time because the weather is becoming a little chilly and a day at these baths will definitely rejuvenate you.

If you are looking to see some fall foliage, you must visit the Citadella, a viewpoint with a panoramic view of Budapest. To arrive there, you will need to embark on a short hike that will take you through the greenest part of Budapest. In autumn, this walk will be covered with beautiful colors of the fall foliage, a sight you will not forget.

Last but not least, October is the month of the Palinka and sausage festival. Palinka is a traditional Hungarian liquor that usually contains more than 45% alcohol. It is a drink that will even destroy the bravest alcoholics. Pair that with some of the best Hungarian sausages and you will have yourself an unforgettable trip in Europe.

Submitted by Sean from

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Krakow in October – POLAND (Editor’s Choice)


Krakow a great city to visit in October. The biggest crowds have left by then, so you can really enjoy exploring at your own pace. Also, in Krakow there is no shortage of activities, beautiful views and it is a great location for many different kind of day trips, including some that bring you closer to nature and to places where you can truly admire the fall foliage.

One thing I especially love about Krakow are the many green areas found in the city center, which you can enjoy for free, along with nice lakes too, not far from the center. 

Krakow is also a foodies’ paradise. Lots of lovely choices for breakfast, brunch, dinner, you name it…especially at Kazimierz, the Jewish district Do not miss trying a local’s favorite Zapiekanka (sort of a mix between a pizza and a flatbread). Not to be forgotten are the tons of cool bars, speakeasies, wine bars, all of which always promise a great time to be had by all! While you are there, might as well take a historic tour around the old town, the Jewish Quarter and more. You will learn a lot. If you have time, there are many day trips to choose from, just make sure to book your transportation and/or tours in advance. 

If you are wondering how long to stay in Krakow, it is up to you, but 3 days is a great start to see some of the main attractions.

By: Olga Maria from Dreams in Heels

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Belgrade in October – SERBIA

Belgrade Serbia in October

I love traveling the Balkans in October, and one of my absolute favorite spots to visit is Belgrade. The city is great for walking around and seeing street art, enjoying the lively cafe scene, and walking along the riverfront. The weather is cool and the leaves are just starting to turn, but it’s still warm enough to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that the city has to offer. 

Sitting at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy the gorgeous views of Stari Grad (the Old City) from one of Belgrade’s numerous bridges. You’ll also want to climb to the top of the Gardos tower and explore the colorful neighborhood of Zemun.

While in the city, set aside time to learn about Yugoslav history on a Communist walking tour followed by a stop at the House of Flowers, the mausoleum of former Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. Of course, there are tons of wonderful Belgrade tours you can go on, everything from river cruises to walking tours to wine tasting tours (yummy!).

If you want to get out of the city a bit, take a day trip to Novi Sad or the wine region of Fruska Gora. I adored seeing the fall colors adorn the small village outside of Novi Sad’s Petrovaridin Fortress. 

Bring a jacket and light layers so you can truly get out and enjoy all that Belgrade has to offer for autumn travelers. And of course, don’t forget an umbrella just in case!

Submitted by: Stephanie from

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Lake Bled in October – SLOVENIA

Lake Bled Slovenia in October Fall

Lake Bled in Slovenia is a dreamy destination any time of the year, but it looks particularly sensational in the fall when the trees around the lake change color. Average daytime temperatures at Lake Bled in October are in the mid-60s Fahrenheit, with cooler evenings.

The main advantage of visiting Lake Bled in October is that you’ll be visiting as the season is winding down, so you’ll not have to deal with crowds at Slovenia’s most popular destination. Plus, accommodation prices at pricey Lake Bled will be much cheaper in the fall than in the summer!

Lake Bled offers lots of things to do. First, you should walk around the perimeter of the lake to enjoy the brilliant leaf colors and take lots of photos of picturesque Bled Island! The walk will take you about a couple of hours and is a lovely daytime activity in October.

Don’t forget to head to Bled Castle at the top of the hill for stunning panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding countryside with trees in shades of yellow, orange, and rust. You can drive to the castle, or climb up 200 or so steps to the top. Treat yourself to lunch on the castle patio! If you are up for a hike, you can climb one of the hills around the lake for even better views. Hillsides covered with color look gorgeous from the viewpoints.

And a visit to Bled Island is a must! You can see the little church from up close, but the views of the lake from the island are also fabulous.

Submitted by: Dhara from It’s Not About the Miles

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Tolming Gorge in October – SLOVENIA

tolmin gorge Slovenia in October

One of the prettiest destinations to visit in October is Slovenia, the third most forested country and with its unique natural features. To experience the best of changing the foliage in October, Tolmin Gorge is a good way to start.

Located in the South of the Triglav National Park, Tolmin Gorge is an impressive natural attraction with narrow canyons, incredible blue waters, rich vegetation and the confluence of two rivers Tolminka and Zadlascica.

Only 4 km long trail through the canyon is well maintained and the roundtrip takes up to 90 minutes. A walk along this short and marked hiking trail reveals some amazingly gorgeous spots. Allow yourself time to appreciate what you see and spend some time sitting next to the water while listening to the murmur of the water.

The areas along the hike are jaw-dropping beautiful – Bear’s Head (the large rock stuck inside the walls of the canyon Zadlascica which is nicely visible from a panoramic point), The Devil’s Bridge (built by Austro – Hungarian soldiers during the 1st world war), Dante’s Cave (the renowned Italian poet Dante Alighieri supposedly got the inspiration for his Divine Comedy) and the thermal spring with a temperature of 20°C (whereas the river’s temperature is 5-6°C). The water is crystal clear and cold, the same as you can see in the photo below.

The gorge offer really spectacular views down to the waters and some waterfalls. Visitors walk on a narrow path, also through some tunnels next to the 60 meters high rocky walls.

Submitted by: Leo from

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Lviv in October – UKRAINE (Editor’s Choice)

Lviv in Ukraine is always lovely but I truly love the charming ambiance during the fall season. It is also less crowded during this season and you can freely wander around the streets, admiring the local lifestyle. Other than this, during autumn, there are different kinds of festivals every weekend, from music to street food, wine and cheese, chocolate, coffee and more. Lviv is also such a charming and romantic city, it is not only known as the soul of Ukraine, but it’s also known as the little Paris of Ukraine. Everyone that comes to Lviv is enchanted by the city, returning again and again. For a few years now, I have been living part of the year in Lviv and I totally love the atmostphere. There are plenty of good restaurants, even themed-ones which provide a fun experience, and they’re known for two of my favorite things: Chocolate and coffee! Too perfect!

While visiting Lviv, you must add to your itinerary a night at the famous Lviv Opera theatre and watch a classical concert or a ballet dance show. I also recommend that you get a little lost, wandering around the streets of Lviv, where you’ll find plenty of history, beautiful architecture and cozy streets. I also love how much Lviv is influenced by its unique history. Lviv was once part of Austria – Hungary, at some point, part of Poland, and also was part of the former soviet union. But certain architectural details are more like Vienna in Austria, and in others like Krakow, Poland. It is a very unique mix of different historical times, not always so well preserved by other cities. 

And, most surprising of all, the city is quite budget-friendly for most Americans and Western Europeans. I totally recommend a visit to Lviv in October. You won’t be disappointed. Some people arrange a short getaway from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv but since it is not enough time, they always come back for more.

By: Olga Maria, Dreams in Heels

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Best destinations to visit in Western Europe in October

The Austrian Tyrol in October – AUSTRIA

Tiefenbachklamm in autumn C Travel Tyrol

Visiting the Austrian Tyrol in October makes for a holiday filled with memories of unusual beauty and age-old traditions. October is the month when Tyroleans make the best of the autumn sunshine before winter sets in.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider visiting Tyrol in October:

  • The annual Almabtrieb and harvest festivals – An Almabtrieb is a cattle drive. That’s when the cows come home from the mountains where they spent the summer grazing in the meadows. To give thanks for their safe homecoming, they are dressed up in colourful headdresses. Their arrival in the valley is announced by the huge bells hanging from their necks. The villagers often celebrate their harvests on the same day as the Almabtrieb. That means lots of eating and drinking accompanied by the town’s brass band.
  • Hiking – There are thousands of hiking trails in the valleys and mountains of Tyrol from where to experience the changing season. The fall foliage is absolutely stunning, especially in one of the narrow gorges where the golden colours frame crystal clear mountain streams. One such hike is in the Tiefenbachklamm, a gorge that is easily reached from the town of Kramsach in the Inn Valley.
  • Törggelen – This is a centuries-old South-Tyrolean tradition that is becoming more and more popular in northern Tyrol too. It’s another occasion to eat and drink in a stunning mountain setting. Törggelen refers to the sampling of the first wine yield of the year. Over the years, it developed into a feast with seasonal delicacies being served to pair the wine with. Expect roasted chestnuts, barley soup, and game dishes.

Tyrol is easily reached via regular flights and trains from the rest of Europe to Innsbruck, its capital.

Submitted by: Linda from Travel Tyrol

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Brussels in October – BELGIUM


Although Brussels is a great destination all year round, there are some particular benefits to visiting in October. One is that it’s a more quiet period to be in Brussels and you’ll be able to enjoy the main attractions without the crowds. Explore the historic city center, which is one of the best free things to do in Brussels, and make sure to pass by Grand Place, Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Manneken Pis, Mont des Arts, the Royal Palace, the Palace of Justice…

Second, in October you’ll get to admire the beautiful colors of Fall and hear the dry leaves crack under your feet as you take a stroll in one of Brussels’ countless parks. Alternatively, you can also take the tram to the Sonian forest on the southeast edge of Brussels to get an even bigger fill of Autumnal colors and scents. Thirdly, in October, the Brussels Museum Nocturns have begun, meaning every Thursday evening you can visit a selection of museums between 5PM and 10PM at a discounted rate. This could be the opportunity to watch the sunset from the Basilica of Koekelberg, which offers an amazing panoramic view.

Other interesting museums that participate are -among others- the Coudenberg Museum, the Sewer Museum, and the Fine Arts Museum. You can check the full program online. Finally, if the weather is too cold or rainy, you can still discover the culinary treats that Brussels is famous for and try some delicious chocolate, waffles, and fries. Then wash it all down with an amazing Belgian beer in one of Brussels’ authentic bars.

Submitted by Sophie from Bitten By The Bug

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The Wine Route of Alsace in October – FRANCE

Alsace-Wine-Route France in October

If you are looking for beautiful places to visit in Europe during October, the Wine Route of Alsace (Route des Vins d’Alsace), in Western France, is an excellent place to go.

Alsace is located in the French region of Grand Est, near the German border. The capital of Alsace is Strasbourg, a beautiful and international city with many things to see and do all year round. There are also many cute small towns (Colmar, Riquewihr, Eguisheim) with the beautiful architecture of half-timbered houses.

October is a great month to visit Alsace. The weather is still warm and the summer crowds are gone so there are fewer tourists around, and locals are more relaxed.

Also, most of the Wine Festivals and Harvest Festivals in the villages of Alsace happen between September and October so this is definitely a good time for meeting the locals and tasting good wine and local produce in a festive atmosphere.

Finally, October is the perfect time for hiking through the vineyards or in the forests of Alsace. The Vosges, for example, is even more beautiful with the fall colors and you can find many interesting ideas of day hikes and multi-day hikes in the website of the Alsace Tourism Board.

The best way to explore Alsace is by car, on a road trip. Rent a car and explore the Alsace Wine Route from Strasbourg to Mulhouse. Hike through the vineyards covered by the fall colors. Visit some small wine producers for wine tasting and shopping and enjoy also the food specialties such as the choucroute or the flammkuchen.

Submitted by Elisa from France Bucket List

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Nice in October – FRANCE


As the days start to get shorter, the nights start to get longer and the temperature starts to drastically drop all throughout Europe. It’s hard not to want to enjoy one last weekend on the beach, before the long winter sets in.

Thankfully, Nice has a prime location and tends to stay warmer longer than the rest of Europe. So, leave your winter jacket behind and enjoy one final weekend on the beach soaking up the last of the summer rays. Where the average water temperature is still between 18 – 22 degrees. You might want to consider going to the beach and enjoying one last swim before the year is over.

Besides enjoying the crystal clear blue waters in the south of France and the stunning cliffs and mountains behind you, Nice is a vibrant city full of outdoor cafes, great restaurants, and cultural art exhibits. It also offers a lively nightlife for those looking to go out.

If crowded bars are not your thing, sit back and enjoy a nice glass of rosé or a coffee on one of their many balcony bars overlooking the ocean and watching the sunset in the distance. Since the weather is still warm enough in October the outdoor markets are still in full swing through the month.

Wander through Nice’s narrow streets in the old town enjoying a nice creamy gelato while gawking into the plethora of shops on both sides of the Promenade. Also, be sure to take in the interactive outdoor water fountain and get a picture in one of their famous blue chairs.

Submitted by: Megan from

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Paris in October – FRANCE


October is one of the best months to visit Paris. It’s packed with events and exhibitions – cultural and gastronomical – and the weather is still nice enough to enjoy your coffee or glass of wine outside on a patio. Paris is maybe not the first destination that comes to one’s mind when planning to see the fall foliage. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the season change in Paris as well! 

Paris has plenty of gardens and park but the nicest places to enjoy the fall foliage are the Jardin des Planets and the wonderful Jardin du Luxembourg. But also an autumn stroll along the Seine is very advisable, especially on one of the nice and sunny Indian summer days at the beginning of the months. You also could take a long walk in one of the two Parisian forests, the Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne. The later is also home of the amazing Foundation Louis Vuitton, a museum of contemporary art with changing exhibitions and concerts.

Talking about art, October is the perfect months for every art-loving visitor: it’s the months of La Nuit Blanche! La Nuit Blanche (the white night) is a cultural event that takes place all over Paris – until late at night or even early in the morning, visitors can enjoy exhibitions, concerts, and installations – for free! La Nuit Blanche is also the occasion to profit from late-night openings and admission free entrances to many Parisian museums. 

But October is not only for the culturally interested visitor, but it’s also a great month for every foodie! The vine harvest festival takes over Montmartre. Even though the vineyards of Montmartre are rather small, the festival is not at all. You can sample plenty of food, try French specialties and of course, drink a lot of wine. The Vendange de Montmartre is one of the highlights of the months of October! And as a nice plus, as Montmartre is a hill, you get a wonderful view over Paris. October is also one of the months with the most interesting trade shows and exhibitions: Whisky Live Paris, Comic-Con and an all-time favourite: the Salon du Chocolat! 

Submitted by: Lena from

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Provence in October – FRANCE

Provence France in October

The South of France is fabulous to visit at any time of the year, but come Autumn the region really shines. Summer still lingers well into September, and by October, Provence is transformed into a tapestry of fall foliage. The vines are adorned with crimson leaves, the plane trees turn a pale yellow, and the shrub-laden hills start to blend into the rich orange clay. You don’t have to travel anywhere special to witness the transformation, the entire countryside is like a work of art! Although if you really want to experience the breathtaking scenery among beautiful hilltop villages, the Luberon valley is always a sure bet, as is the more wild and rugged Alpilles.

In October, you can still expect warm days, with little rain. The tourist attractions, which sometimes close down in the winter months, are still open and operating. The villages are alive but not overrun. And it’s the perfect time to tackle the walking trails that are often closed in the hotter months due to the ever-present fire risk. As well as the usual barrage of activities and events, October hosts many harvest festivals to celebrate the year’s wine crops, as well as chestnut, flower, and Autumn festivals. The annual Parcours De L’Art takes place in the historical city of Avignon, and is a must-do for all budding artists, and art lovers. You’ll also find it’s a more affordable time to visit this popular region, as accommodation costs will be lower, and some activities are offered at off-season rates.

Submitted by: Nadine from Le Long Weekend

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Eltz Castle in October – GERMANY

Eltz Castle Germany - GettingStamped - Fall Destinations

We’ve traveled to Europe during all seasons and our favorite is fall. On our last trip to Europe, we visited in October where we rented a car in Germany and headed off on a road trip with no set plans. The weather was gorgeous, the trees were changing colors, and there were so fewer tourists. Earlier in October, the weather will be more pleasant and by the end of October, you’ll want a heavier fall jacket. Nonetheless, October is a great time to visit Germany. 

Our favorite area in October was around Eltz, with Eltz Castle being our favorite spot. Eltz is tucked away in the forest so you either hike through the woods or opt for the shuttle bus that brings you from the parking lot to the entrance of the castle. For those up for a 3.3-mile walk, it’s an easy walk and perfect for those wanting to catch the fall colors. Our favorite part of the hike is just before you reach the castle, there is one of the best views of the castle surrounded by the forest. 

If it’s a chilly October day stop by the cute outdoor cafe and get a coffee or hot chocolate to warm up. Once inside the castle itself, you’ll have a chance 
After visiting Eltz we highly suggesting visiting a few more castles in the nearby area. Only 17 miles away is Cochem Castle, another one of our favorites. It’s perched up on a hill above the Moselle River surrounded by vineyards. Burg Thurant is a quick 10 miles away and worth the trip. No matter where you decide to continue your trip in Germany, October is one of the best times to visit. 

Submitted by: Hannah & Adam from GettingStamped

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Fussen in October – GERMANY


Fussen is a 700-year old small fairy tale town in Germany near the border of Austria. Although Fussen is a year-round destination, it becomes even more magical to visit in October when the fall foliage appears.

One of the first things you should do when you visit Fussen is to wander the streets of the old town. The Bavarian architecture and cobblestoned streets give the town an old-world charm. During October, the brightly colored buildings become even more beautiful set against the fall foliage.

Just outside of Fussen is one of Germany’s most famous castles, Neuschwanstein. Renting a bike from Fussen and heading towards Neuschwanstein Castle is the perfect way to spend a day. Along the way, you will pass through lush forests and turquoise lakes, which look even more incredible in combination with the fall colors. Neuschwanstein is another great place to view the fall foliage, as the castle surrounded by autumn leaves looks like something out of a fairytale.

Another reason to visit Fussen during October is that it makes for a perfect stop after attending Oktoberfest in Munich. This renowned beer festival typically ends in early October, and after attending you will likely be seeking some peace and quiet. Given Fussen’s picturesque location and charming atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to visit afterward. Plus, Fussen is just a short two-hour scenic train ride away from Munich, where you can also enjoy the fall colors found throughout Germany.

Submitted by Lora from

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Hamburg in October – GERMANY

Hamburg boat ride by A World to Travel

In addition to enjoying moderate temperatures for this time of year – between 7 and 13 degrees on average – and just 10 days of rain in the month of October, there are many other reasons why Hamburg has become one of my favorite cities to visit in this month after being able to enjoy its benefits last year around these dates. Among others, here are three of them:

  • The autumnal light of northern Europe floods the city of beauty at sunrise and sunset. It is something difficult to understand for those who have not visited this area of the world, but highly attractive and that makes it worth visiting the city in autumn.
  • The Queer International Film Festival is celebrated. We attended the screening of a movie – with the subsequent talk with its directors – called Silvana. Cinema is one of our greatest hobbies and it is always wonderful to be able to attend a festival like LSF Hamburg.
  • Most tourists have gone to other places in the old continent, which makes you very comfortable in some areas that, if it were another time of the year, would be full of tourists. So you can discover all the things that Hamburg offers at your own pace and without the added stress of overtourism!

Submitted by Inma from

Munich in October – GERMANY

Oktoberfest in munich travel autumn fall

Munich is buzzing in October. This is when the city starts to come alive with the holiday spirit. And the last month before the weather becomes unbearably cold.

There are a lot of things to do in and around the city during the fall months. Of course, the most popular is the last week of Oktoberfest. A massive celebration of beer, food, and singing that takes the city by storm each September and October; and continues to draw millions of merrymakers. Fun and cultural, Oktoberfest is a blast.

For those not seeking the craziness of beer tents, carnival rides, and lederhosen, then you should plan your visit for late October. The city’s at it most relaxed between the few weeks after Oktoberfest and the start of the Christmas Markets.

The weather is chilly, not cold. The leaves transform into an array of light yellows and dark red. The atmosphere of the city changes with the colors of the leaves. Munich is more relaxed and peaceful. Even a stroll along the banks of the Isar has a different feel to it.

Another festival that takes place during the middle to end of October is the Kirchweihdult (or Auer Dult). It’s a market/ Fair happens three times a year in the city? It is great for foodies and families.

Munich has a little bit of everything during October. Without question, during this time of the year, it’s my favorite city in Germany.

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Amsterdam in October – NETHERLANDS

Amsterdam in October Autumn

Amsterdam could be a good destination for October’s trip. The city is not so crowded as in the summer and average temperatures vary between 7-14 Celcius degrees so it’s still not too cold for walks. 

The best thing is that in October, all streets and canals are full of red and orange leaves what makes the view magical and is perfect for some great Instagram shots.

Another good reason for visiting Amsterdam in October is that most tourists go there in summer, and in Autumn the city is less occupied. That’s good news for those who don’t like crowds. I know this from my experience – I’ve spent one week in Amsterdam with my wife in summer and on the other hand, I’ve been there in fall. In summer the city was very crowded what was disturbing while visiting all tourist attractions, especially museums. 

From Amsterdam’s indoor activities in October, I’d recommend visiting: 

  • Heineken Experience – the Heineken’s first built brewery in Amsterdam’s city center turned into a museum of Heineken’s history.
  • Van Gogh’s Museum – currently the exhibition contains more than 200 paintings, 500 sketches and around 700 letters from the master which makes it the largest collection of his works in the world.
  • Rijksmuseum – recently renovated the national museum of the Netherlands. The collection covers the Middle Ages to the 20th century. You can find their works of such masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals. The most famous painting in the collection is “Night Watch” by Rembrandt.

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The Hague in October – NETHERLANDS


Though the weather is starting to get a bit colder in The Hague, the city is still bustling with outdoor activities to do in October. The city is filled with nature, so you’ll be able to see the beautiful fall colours peeking through practically everywhere. Parks such as Scheveningen Woods always remain to be active with people partaking in one of the many events that usually happen in this park.

Hosting events is of pride to this city and October has a plethora of free or cheap events for you to walk over to.

You won’t find a shortage of food festivals any week that you go, but if you’re super keen on fish, you may want to consider the VISSCH Culinary Food Festival, taking place October 4th to 6th. Since The Hague is right by the sea, you can’t go wrong with trying the classic fish and chip here.

Love the sea but not eating the creatures in it? That’s okay too – head on over to the Hart Beach Quiksilver Surfschool which runs beginner courses for surfing all year round. If you’re feeling more peckish than adventurous, they also serve delicious local food (I recommend the bitterballen).

Afrovibes is a successful festival since 1999 that runs throughout October 3 until 13. The festival showcases beautiful contemporary theatre, dance, music, and designs from the entire African continent. Particularly great if you love dancing to good music!

If you want to be creative and get your party on, there is the Halloween Festival on October 24th – located at the PIP, the largest nightclub in The Hague, the event will be filled with VR experiences, make-up artists, special effects. You’ll be sure to have a spooky, fun time at this party. 

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Romandie in October – SWITZERLAND

Lavaux vineyards in fall - Romandie - Switzerland

Romandie, the French-speaking part of Switzerland in the west of the country, is often overlooked but offers some great attractions, especially in October.

One of the best experiences to have at this time of year is to visit the Lavaux vineyard terraces, between Lausanne and Montreux. These steeply terraced vineyards seem like they’re about to slide down into Lake Geneva, and in October the grapevine leaves turn different shades of yellow, red and gold.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lavaux is the largest contiguous wine region in Switzerland. To really experience the vineyards up close, consider hiking through them on one of the well-marked paths.

There’s actually a 32-kilometer path that goes all the way from Lausanne-Ouchy to Chillon Castle, which is another sight that’s definitely worth a visit. If that sounds too long, I recommend the 11-kilometer trail between the villages of St. Saphorin and Lutry. This takes about three hours, and both ends of the trail have rail connections to get you back to Lausanne or Montreux.

The Désalpe is a local, uniquely Swiss festival that takes place in late September or early October, depending on how early the seasons change. It’s a celebration of the cows coming home from the high Alpine pastures. You’ll see cows parade through the streets of small villages wearing elaborate floral crowns on their heads.

And finally, October is when the Vernier Sur Rock Festival is held in Geneva. This is smaller and more intimate than some of the summer rock festivals, but still draws famous acts like Skunk Anansie. Expect to hear a wide range of rock-related genres, including reggae, punk and heavy metal.

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Best destinations to visit in Northern Europe in October

Copenhagen in October – DENMARK

Copenhagen - Nyhavn - Denmark in October

October is a fantastic time of year in Copenhagen, Denmark. For a fun fall getaway, you should consider visiting the Danish capital for so many reasons! 

The autumn weather in Copenhagen isn’t tropical, but it still has moderate Fall temperatures. This makes it wonderful for exploring the city without summer crowds and just a light jacket. The other change in October is that you have a normal light balance. Sunsets are still late, which gives you plenty of daylight for activities. This is a welcome change from the summer months where there isn’t much darkness. In October, you also get that sweet spot before the dark, Northern Europe winters begin.

In October, there are a ton of great activities to experience in Copenhagen. First, you should head to Tivoli Gardens. This classic landmark amusement park in the center of Copenhagen is enjoyable all year long, but especially in October. When Tivoli Gardens opens for the Fall, it’s fully decorated for the Halloween season. These ornate, spooky embellishments make Tivoli the perfect place to enjoy some family time. It’s also fantastic for a drink and an evening stroll with friends or for couples. 

Copenhagen hosts great city-wide festivals all year. These include summer music street parties in June and July and an epic pride celebration in August. Festivals don’t stop come the Fall and one of the best in Copenhagen Culture Night on the second Friday in October. Copenhagen’s museums and cultural attractions open for late hours and special rates and the whole city is out and about.

Locals in Copenhagen stay outside all Fall and into the winter. In October, you can even sit outside on chilly nights. At cafes and cocktail bars they keep you warm with heat lamps and blankets on October nights.

It’s a great city to visit all year, especially in October. Hopefully, you can find out for yourself.

Submitted by: Derek from Robe Trotting

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London in October – ENGLAND

London England UK in October

London is indeed one of the most beautiful cities not only in the UK but in the world. Every season is perfect to visit London but autumn is specifically very mesmerizing. It is one of the greenest capitals in the world and therefore it is full of lush green places which present a very beautiful vibe during the autumn season.

Being a very busy and metropolitan city, London has some amazing parks right in the heart of the city. Two of the most visited parks and a great place to enjoy autumn in London are Holland, Reed, Reagent and Hyde parks. All of these are very beautiful throughout the year but during autumn, they are beautifully decorated with green, yellowish leaves all round presenting a spectacular view. Moreover, London isn’t very cold and wet during this time of the year which makes it easier to enjoy the autumn season. It is blessed with a lot of outdoor beauty and when the weather is dry and less cool, this beauty can be enjoyed in a better way.

Primrose Hill is another location in London to enjoy the autumn scenery as it is covered with trees which turn pink during this season and presents a view straight out of some movie scene. Kyoto Garden in London has beautiful trees and a small pond and autumn is the best time of the year to have a walkthrough this mesmerizing place. St James Park in the heart of the city is a pretty place with a lot of trees and a canal and a lot of people prefer spending their afternoons there. London has plenty of outdoor locations especially parks where autumn can be best viewed. It is indeed one of the best destinations to enjoy the autumn season in the country.

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ICELAND in October


Iceland is an amazing place to visit in October, with many advantages over other times of the year.  Some of the biggest perks include cool but mild driving weather and dark skies for aurora hunting.  It’s also the best time to come experience some of the greatest attractions that Iceland has to offer without the prices and crowds of peak season.

The weather in Iceland in October is perfect for an off-season road trip.  It may be a bit chillier and wetter than peak season, but not so much that it’ll be an issue for sightseeing.  The temperatures are less likely to drop below freezing than later months in the year, which is good for road conditions.  Safe roads are crucial for visiting places like the Golden Circle or South Coast, since ice and snow may cause road closures that force you to cancel your plans.

Another great perk of an October visit to Iceland is the additional darkness as the month goes on.  This is perfect for seeing the highly coveted Northern Lights.  There could be anywhere from eleven to eight hours of daylight depending on how late in the month you visit, which means there will be plenty of opportunities for Aurora viewings!

Finally, despite October’s shortening daylight hours, there is still plenty of time for making day trips to popular sights on the Golden Circle and South Coast routes.  Depending on where you’re based in Iceland, you may want to set out in the dark, so by the time you get to your first stop the sun has risen.  An early start could take some extra planning, but the big perk is you’ll beat the huge tour buses.  Iceland’s amazing sights are definitely worth the extra effort!

Submitted by: Theresa from Fueled By Wanderlust

IRELAND in October

Powerscourt house Ireland in October Autumn

Visiting Ireland during Autumn will mean fewer tourists and lower prices. You can find some great deals on accommodation, especially in more rural parts and attractions, will be quieter.

While there are no promises that the sun is going to shine at any time of year in Ireland, the temperature during October is usually mild. Known as the Emerald Isles, Ireland has some magnificent gardens that are worth visiting at any time of year. However, the beautiful colours of the autumn foliage are always something special. 

Powerscourt Gardens in County Wicklow is just a 20-minute drive from Dublin. It’s one of the National Geographic top 10 gardens in the world, and it’s an Irish landmark not to miss in October. The maple trees in the Japanese garden are at their most beautiful at this time of year. The trees in the woodland area are spectacular with their golden leaves, and in the orchards, they’ll be plenty of apples and pears. 

October is also a great time of year to try the local cider, and as its peak gaming season, so the restaurants are bound to have venison delights on the menu. Longueville House, in Mallow County Cork offers tours of their distillery, and you can dine in the restaurant afterwards. The house is a great place to stay for an autumn break, as they offer outdoor activities such as falconry, bike riding or equestrian experiences.

There is never a shortage of festivals to visit in Ireland and the month of October is no different. Dublin Theatre Festival celebrates the best of Irish theatre. It runs throughout September and October with world-class productions to watch. 

If you prefer music, the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival always has headline acts not to miss. For lovers of food, there are several festivals, including Kinsale Gourmet Festival, Savour Kilkenny and the Dingle Food Festival.

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Isle of Skye in October – SCOTLAND

Isle of Skye Scotland in autumn

The Isle of Skye is one of my all-time favourite places to visit during October. The crowds have gone, but the incredible scenery still remains for you to enjoy. In fact, in October it’s even better- the leaves have all turned to shades of red and brown, but so has the heather on the hills and mountains – creating beautiful fall foliage displays which stretch for miles, contrasting against the backdrop of the blue sea behind. 

October is fantastic in Skye for 3 main things:

Photography: The crisp Fall evenings are perfect conditions for sunset photography, which occurs on Skye around 6.30pm in October. It’s still warm enough to hike, but bring a thick jacket for as soon as the sun goes down! This is also a fantastic place for photographing the night sky as the light pollution is incredibly low. 

– Wildlife sightings: October is amazing for wildlife sightings, especially marine ones. Stand quietly by the shoreline and you’ll probably see otters, seals, and dolphins playing in the shallows. We once had a wild dolphin in the bay within 20ft of us!

– Whiskey tastings! The world-famous Talker Whiskey distillery is on Skye. Whiskey in the summer always seems wrong, but whiskey in Autumn, with a nip in the air and a log fire roaring? That’s the perfect time to enjoy a ‘wee dram’

If you are creating your own 2-3 day Isle of Skye itinerary, make sure to include activities for dry and wet weather, but definitely add a trip to the little-known Skye Gold Cave! 

Submitted by: Kat from Wandering Bird

Best destinations to visit in Southern Europe in October

CYPRUS in October

Cyprus is a great destination year-round, but when other destinations gets cold in October, the climate and weather remains very pleasant in Cyprus. The spring season typically sees some rain, but the Cypriot autumn is quite dry, just like the summertime.

The temperature will be around 25-30 degrees celcius, and the water temperature will remain around 23-25 degrees celsius in October as well. This makes it one of the best destinations to visit in Autumn if you want to go sunbathing in Europe.

In addition to relaxing in the sun and enjoying the beautiful beaches, you can also rent a car and drive up to the mountains where you’ll find wonderful autumn colors and charming little villages.

In the mountains, you’ll also find some of the many wineries that are famous both for white and red wines.

Cyprus is also home to many archeological places considering it has been inhabited for many thousands of years. In the summer, it’s typically too hot to explore these ancient sites, whereas in October you could walk around and explore the historical places as well.

There are flights to Cyprus from all over Europe in autumn, and the prices for hotels and rental cars will also be more affordable during this period. Many of the beaches will be a lot quieter during this month as well, and the same goes for the most popular attractions.

I recommend Petsas for renting a car, which is a local car hire firm where you get full insurance for free when renting more than 7 days.

Some of my favorite spots include Tombs of the Kings, Nissi Beach, Konnos Bay, Cape Greco, Troodos Mountain, and Larnaca.

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Athens in October – GREECE

Acropolis Greece Athens in October

Athens is the capital of Greece and has been since ancient times. For history buffs and people who learned Greek in (high) school, Athens is heaven (quite fitting for a city steeped in Greek mythology).

However, Athens is also hot in the summer. Very very hot. Believe me, you do not want to explore the Acropolis in 30+ degrees. The stones absorb the sunlight and radiate back the heat, plus there is no shade at all at this historic site so you’ll quickly melt and won’t be able to enjoy the magnificent Acropolis properly.

Which is why you should visit Athens in autumn! In October temperatures are between a comfortable 20-25 degrees Celsius and there are still plenty of sunny days. What’s more, you won’t be queuing for the major sights in Athens as there are much less tourists who visit Athens in the fall.

Besides the Acropolis, there are many more things to do in Athens. The Temple of Zeus is another highlight and also best viewed in autumn for similar reasons as those mentioned above.

Another excellent reason to visit Greece in autumn is that during the last weekend of September you can freely visit all the museums and historical sites because of the European Heritage Days.

There are several other events in autumn, such as grape festivals to celebrate the harvest and Ochi Day, which is celebrated on October 28. Ochi day commemorates the Italian invasion of Greece during WWII. Keep in mind though that everything is closed on this day (including the museums and sites). If you happen to be in Athens on this day, I recommend you visit the military parades or a memorial service instead.

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The Greek Island of Crete in October – GREECE


As a European destination that boasts autumn sun, seas warm enough to swim, culture, history and outdoor activities aplenty, Crete deserves serious consideration when planning a trip to Europe in October. It literally has something for everyone and is the ideal place to take a holiday before winter sets in.

The largest island in Greece, Crete is also one of the most southern. This means that it stays warmer for longer. Whilst there are never any guarantees when it comes to weather, it’s a rare year when it’s not possible to swim in the sea in October. You might even get the famous ‘Flintstones’ Matala Beach almost to yourself!

Another benefit of visiting Crete in October is that the peak tourist crowds of August have faded away, leaving behind a much more sedate atmosphere in popular places such as the Palace of Knossos, and coastal towns such as Chania. It gives a much more authentic feel!

Anyone interested in cultural activities is also in for a treat. The vine harvest happens in late September through to mid-October, and it’s possible to visit wineries large and small to see how the entire process works. Other harvests that can be seen might also include chestnuts and early olives. October is a great month for rural farm visits in Crete!

If you’re planning to visit Crete in October, you might like to check out Dave’s guide on the best things to do in Heraklion, the most important city on the island, and close to Knossos.

Submitted by: Dave from Dave’s Travel Pages

Courmayeur in October – THE ITALIAN ALPS

Courmayeur in the Italian Alps October Autumn

If you are a hiking enthusiast and you want to enjoy some peaceful trails with stunning scenery, why not consider Courmayeur in the Italian Alps?
In October, you can still be lucky enough to get mild weather conditions that are perfect for walking the trails.  It is low-season too, so you will not have to deal with the hoards of people walking the Tour Du Mont Blanc Trail.

As well as getting out into the mountains, there are plenty of other things you can do during October in the Aosta Valley.

Enjoy the spectacle of the annual Arrancabirra. This is the last mountain race of the season. The 18km route starts and ends in the Village, and the participants all wear fancy dress. The theme for 2018 was ‘Lord of the Rings’, so there were lots of Hobbits and Gandalfs running up the hillside!  There are six refreshment stops along the route and, at each, there is the chance to enjoy a cool beer. As you can imagine, there is a great party atmosphere that evening!

October also sees over 50 traditional ovens in the local villages of the Aosta Valley open up for the Lo Pan Ner Festival. Here you will get a chance to take part in an authentic annual community event, have the opportunity to taste some freshly baked Aostan Black Bread and join in with the general festivities.

There are lots of other things to do and see, including riding on the famous rotating Skyway Monte Bianco Cable Car, relaxing in the luxury Spa in nearby Pre-Saint Didier, and taking a day trip through to the French Mountain Resort Town of Chamonix, or down to Turin.

Because it is low season, be aware that a lot of the hotels and restaurants are closed. There are still lots of self-catering apartments available to rent, and you will get a chance to chat with the locals at the restaurants that are open.

Submitted by: Gemma from A girl & her dog on the road

Florence in October – ITALY

Few cities capture the imagination quite like Florence. Beautiful palaces and stunning churches inspire awe while intimate cafes, Narrow cobblestone streets, and the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside lend an air of romance. Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo have all called Florence home and this cultural legacy can be seen throughout the Tuscan capital.

Florence has a timeless appeal and is great to visit any time of year but I feel October is the best time to visit Florence. The intense crowds and oppressive heat of summer are gone and you can explore one of Europe’s greatest cities at a more relaxed pace. In October daytime highs range between 65- 80F/18-27C which is perfect exploring weather in my book.

While you should still plan some time at the Uffizi Galleries and L’Accedemia to view the greatest collection of Renaissance art, this is the best time of year to experience Florence outside. Take a stroll along the Arno River, wander through the magnificent Boboli Gardens and sip wine al fresco in a small café. Speaking of wine make sure to get out of the city to visit the Tuscan countryside and taste Chianti at small family-run wineries.

Submitted by: Brianna from The Casual Travelist

Rome in October – ITALY


In a great paradox, throughout the month of October in Rome, you can watch three things happen in unison: the leaves change color, the temperatures cool to comfortable levels, and, as the month wears on, tourists begin to leave the city.

Spend the month of October in Rome, and you’ll be able to watch the crowds at major attractions thinning right as the weather grows more and more palatable.

Rome’s infamous summer heat gives over to a beautiful, if still fairly warm, fall, leaving cute dresses still more than comfortable even as those located further north in Europe starts pulling out coats for the season.

While October doesn’t see the truly empty and almost-tourist-free streets of, say, February in Rome, it does offer an opportunity to see Rome at one of its absolute best times–add in wonderful meals cooked with fall produce and the opportunity to potentially check out the wine harvest in nearby Tuscany, and it’s not hard to see why a visit to Rome in October is a joy not to overlook.

Be sure to take full advantage of seasonal dishes cooked with pumpkin, mushroom, and of course, the best delicacy of all-white truffle. Since many evenings in Rome are still plenty warm enough to eat outside, you can soak up the last of outdoor dining before the year before everyone shuffles their way inside for the winter.

While visiting Rome in October, make a point to visit places in the city where you can appreciate the changing colors of the trees: Pincio Terrace, the gardens at Villa Borghese, the Orange Garden, and, of course, all the beautiful piazzas throughout Rome are all excellent places to look.

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Sardinia in October – ITALY


Sardinia is one of our favourite places to visit in October. Although it is commonly thought of as a summer destination, Sardinia is a great place to visit in the shoulder seasons either side of the summer and many people think that Sardinia is actually at its best in October.

As northern Europe begins to get the chills of autumn, Sardinia basks under a warm sun and the sea is still warm after the long summer. Whilst the weather can never be guaranteed, we enjoyed temperatures in the mid 20’s when we were in Sardinia in October. We actually prefer this to scorching summer temperatures and it is still warm enough to be out on the beach in shorts and a t-shirt. 

The real benefit of visiting Sardinia in October is that you can enjoy all the beauty of Sardinia without the crowds. Beaches that are towel to towel in August are almost deserted come October so you can have the place (almost) to yourself. 

You can also enjoy far lower prices for accommodation than in the summer, with some hotels at really bargain prices. 

Sardinia isn’t all about the beaches. It has some spectacular mountains too and October is a great time to enjoy hiking or mountain biking in the hills whilst temperatures are that bit lower. 

If you are looking for one place to base yourself for your trip to Sardinia, we recommend Alghero. It is a fortress city by the sea with great bastion walls, cobblestone streets, beautiful piazzas, stunning churches, and plenty of boutique cafes and restaurants. Some glorious beaches are just a short drive away giving you the perfect mix of town and beach.

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Sicily in October – ITALY

Taormina and Mt. Etna-Sicily in the fall

With the crowds of summer long gone, the Sicilian hillside town of Taormina catches her breath and slows down in October. If Taormina is the star of Sicily, then the tiny village of Castelmola perched above is the wind beneath her wings. In October the Piazzas of both towns are pleasantly relaxed and the views of Mt. Etna, smoking away in the distance simply mesmerising.

Etna’s hordes have shrunk by October and while September is considered the optimal time to climb Mt. Etna, early October is nearly as good. Don’t worry about being super fit as a cable car and subsequently, a 4WD truck transports you most of the way from Refugio Sapienza. A guide leads the final climb, which is actually more like a nail-biting walk. Of course, you can climb the whole thing unaided if you wish.

While snow should be expected on the peak from November to April, it does sometimes snow on Etna in October. If so, you will be in for a double treat with the contrast of white snow on black lava looking as weird as it is spectacular. At more than 10,000 ft. the top of the largest active volcano in Italy, is cold in any Season.

Further down the slopes, amidst Etna’s lava fields sits the tiny town of Zafferana Etnea. In October Zafferana transforms into a festival epicentre, celebrating local Autumnal produce. It doesn’t matter which Sunday in October you choose to visit with the Sagra being held on each and every one. Festivities centre on Honey, Grapes, Apples, Porcini mushrooms, Chestnuts, and displays from local craftsmen.

After Zafferana Etnea, head south to the seductive town of Siracusa. In October, the heat radiating from her stone houses and streets will have calmed to a warming glow. Sipping wine in music-filled Piazza Duomo is even more charming and my favourite lunchtime experience at Ortigia Market, so much easier to access.

While air temperatures are cooling in October, the ocean in Southern Sicily still retains the warmth acquired during Summer. Europeans find swimming in Sicily pleasant during October, but visitors from hotter climates (like Australia) will most likely find the Mediterranean cold at any time of year.

If you are prepared to trade crowds and sizzling heat for a more relaxed vibe and occasionally rainy day, Sicily in October is a great place to be.

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South Tyrol in October – ITALY

South Tyrol Dolomites Italy Autumn

South Tyrol lies in the northernmost region of Italy at the border to Austria, and it is home of the beautiful Italian Dolomites. If you plan a trip in October, you will be enjoying the autumn colours with beautiful foliage everywhere, in town, in the vineyards around Bolzano and the valleys. Being the region vast, the landscape changes dramatically from north to south.

One of the best things to do is to go on a day-trip from Bolzano and visit Caldaro lake. From there you can go on a self-guided winery tour, or take a boat tour and drink a coffee a the front beach terrace to enjoy the mild afternoon sunshine. Another thing you can do is to go on a castle and fortresses route. There are over 800 castles in this region, most of them are abandoned but there are quite a few that you can visit and some also host festival and events.

In October the whole landscape gets even more scenic with the foliage colours from yellow, brown to red. If you are on a tight frame, visit Runkelstein Castle on a day-trip from Bolzano. Hiking is the main reason why people from all over Europe flock to South Tyrol.

For some extraordinary scenery and if you like to go off-beat, I suggest Funes Valley, where you can have all kind of walking trails and also enjoy the view of the majestic Puez Geisler Peaks. Furthermore, if you want to pamper yourself, indulge in excellent Italian-Tyrolean food, South Tyrol is well-known for its wellness thermal resorts. Book yourself into a lovely forest hotel near Merano. This is the best region for peacefulness at its best surrounded by some dramatic mountain forests. Indeed there is a wealth of things to do in South Tyrol that will make fall in love with this region.

Submitted by: Michela from Rocky Travel

Verona in October – ITALY


Verona is a great place to visit if you find yourself in Northern Italy during Autumn. Walking around in this romantic city where the story of Romeo and Juliet was set you will find a lot of fall colors. Go for a walk on the stone bridge or Ponte Pietra that links the old part of Verona, between the Duomo and the church of Sant’Anastasia on the city side. It has beautiful views of towers and church domes of the city of Verona. Walk along Adige River for more leaf-peeping and fall colors.  You will find that the entire town of Verona is actually painted in pretty shades of gold, ochre and yellow. 

Don’t miss a visit to Juliet’s House and the lesser-known Romeo’s house. Located in a small courtyard, the iconic Juliet’s balcony is probably one of the most famous attractions in Verona. The house is said to have inspired Shakespeare, even though there’s no evidence that he visited Verona. You can also visit lake Garda nearby and even go truffle hunting or visit olive farms and mills. Cà Maiol located in a beautiful area between the Morenical Hills and the south part of Lake Garda is one of our favorite wineries to go wine tasting.

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MALTA in October

Malta in October Autumn

Thanks to Malta’s location in southern Europe, it is a fantastic destination to travel to in October when the rest of the continent is starting to cool down. Malta’s October temperatures tend to sit in the early 20s, which is ideal for those with small children or who prefer a gentle to heat to the scorching days of summer. With seven hours of sunshine a day and lovely warm sea temperatures, Malta makes an ideal autumnal getaway.

Not only are the beaches of Malta the perfect place to relax, but the island is awash with interesting cultural sites that are much more peaceful to explore in the shoulder season of September and October. Attractions like the Megalithic Temples of Malta, the UNESCO Heritage town of Valletta and the National Museum of Archaeology are all wonderful places to explore during this quieter month.

As the temperatures are that bit cooler in October than in July and August, visitors are able to undertake hiking or cycling around the island which may too strenuous at other times of the year. The Old Citadel in Gozo (Malta’s sister island) is a lovely place to discover on foot and both Malta and Gozo are cyclist havens thanks to the introduction of a whole host of new cycle paths.

Malta’s smallest sister island, Comino, and her famous Blue Lagoon are also incredible in October. Without the hordes of crowds that descend on the lagoon in summer, visitors can really appreciate the natural beauty of this tiny island.

If festivals are your bag then Malta in October really packs a punch, with the likes of the Soca Weekender, Mediterranean Stars Festival, the Malta International Tattoo Expo, the Rolex Middle Sea Race and Consciousness Festival 2019 all taking place throughout the month. 

Submitted by: Chrysoula from

Albufeira in October – PORTUGAL

Albufeira Beach in October Portugal

Albufeira is a great city to visit nearly any time of year. In the summer, the city attracts an abundance of tourists who swarm the popular beaches, hit up the Strip and hang out watching the waves of the Atlantic while taking part in a variety of water activities. The city is located on the southern coast of Portugal, in the famous Algarve region.  

As the cooler air ascends onto this coastal town, the majority of tourists pack up, head home or choose alternative destinations for their fall getaway. Albufeira, however, is a gear place for the autumn weather. The hot sun becomes less intense in the city, the crowds get smaller, but the beaches, waves, shops, restaurants, and all Albufeira has to offer remain. It’s the perfect time to visit the city as well as the beach of the Algarve. The weather becomes a bit more unpredictable but walking along the beaches, you don’t have to bump shoulders with sometimes, thousands of other visitors vying for a spot during the summer.  There are a few great things you can do in the autumn.

Visit the less crowded beaches to appreciate the coastline

 You can easily spend your time at one of a few restaurants along with two of Albufeira’s popular beaches, Praia da Oura or Praia dos Pescadores and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. The beach isn’t all about swimming. You can take boat rides out on the open ocean or book a boat tour of the caves along the coast.

Spend time at the Strip

The Strip, a popular road leading from Praia da Oura, remains open and still has a lot to offer visitors, from fresh seafood, Portuguese gifts, and even fall events. It is one of the main attractions of the city and has a vibrant nightlife.

Visit Zoomarine

Open until November, visiting Albufeira’s Zoo Marine Park in October is perfect, fewer crowds but still access to presentations such as the bird of prey presentation and acrobatic shows. Rides including coaster and carnival rides are in operation with much shorter rides and a great way to spend a day in Albufeira.

Submitted by Diana from The Elusive Family

Algarve in October – PORTUGAL

best destinations to travel during october in europe- algarve

If you are looking for a destination to visit in October, I strongly recommend going to the Algarve region in Portugal. Algarve runs along Portugal’s furthest south Atlantic coast where you can find amongst the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Wondering why you should go during the fall season? Well, the main reason is definitely the weather! Indeed, you can still enjoy warm weather between 66°F and 77°F, a perfect time to hike, camp or relax on the beach while escaping the coldness of your hometown. 

Algarve in early autumn might actually be the best moment of the year to enjoy all the activities the region has to offer without suffering from the extreme heat of summer. Algarve also gets so crowded in summer it becomes difficult to sunbathe or even to swim! 

The best way to visit Algarve’s amazing places is by car, because they can be a bit far from each other. So grab your car and make sure you visit these places:

  1. Ponta Da Piedade: experience the beach at low tide to visit the rock formations and explore the caves. 
  2. Tres Irmaos Beach: this place is very unique because of the 3 big rocks overlooking the beach. A nice place to swim, sunbath or take incredible photos! 
  3. Faro: if you have enough of beaches, have a break in Algarve’s capital to enjoy the nice architecture or party it up 

Looking for more spots? Click here to see the 36 best spots in Algarve!

Submitted by: Nesrine from

Lagos in October – PORTUGAL (a town in the Algarve region)

Lagos Algarve Coast Portugal Autumn Fall

Wondering if it is worth visiting Lagos in the Algarve of Portugal in October? My answer is yes it is worth it! The weather is so much warmer than the UK and I’ve even been sunbathing on the beach there in October.
October is one of the best months to visit because the high season crowds are gone and the sun is still shining.  It makes it the perfect time to visit Benagil Cave – the number one attraction near Lagos.

Benagil Cave is a sea cave located off of Benagil Beach. You can take a grotto tour to the cave and actually go in it.  The top of the cave is open and it is a very secluded place especially without the crowds.

Lagos is the perfect base to explore the iconic cliffs of Ponta da Piedade.  You can go for a cliff walk that takes you along the top of the cliffs. These cliffs are very picturesque and the symbol of the Algarve.

Lastly, the Lagos Fish Market is located opposite the marina on Main Avenue. This is where fisherman go to seel their catch and you can also see fresh fruit and produce, flowers, herbs, oils and cheeses.

Submitted by: Nicole from Nicole LaBarge Travel Blog

Lisbon in October – PORTUGAL (Editor’s Choice)

As someone who has been living in Lisbon part-time for almost two years, I must say that Lisbon is a lovely city to visit, especially during Autumn. Lisbon is quite hot during the summer and, honestly, the weather change is refreshing once the fall kicks in. In addition, Lisbon has become so touristic, that you can barely walk around some areas during the summer. I truly enjoy the weather in October because you can still visit the beach, at times, you can enjoy the outdoor restaurants, rooftops and miradoures (viewpoints) comfortably, plus you can still many different day trips or getaways from Lisbon.

I recommend that you explore beyond Baixa-Chiado, Cais do Sodre and Bairro Alto (great nightlife area), and go to alternative neighborhoods such as Anjos.

When in Lisbon, do not miss: Going up to the castle for fascinating views; taking a day trip to Belem to see the Belem Tower and sit by the water; eating plenty of seafood; trying the famous pasteis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts) or even consider a workshop to learn how to make them. You will definitely thank me!

By: Olga Maria from Dreams in Heels

The Douro Valley in October – Portugal

São Leonardo de Galafura View Point Douro Valley Portugal in October

When searching for an autumn destination in Europe, the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal has so much to offer. It’s easily accessible from Porto making it great a day-tripping option as well as the perfect addition to a road trip from Porto to Lisbon. After road tripping through Portugal last October, this stunning wine region stood out as being the highlight of the entire trip.

The Douro Valley is made up of rolling hills with vineyards growing on the sides of steeps slopes leading down to a beautiful winding river. It has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. The production of wine and Port dates back over 2,000 years!

Visit one of the ancient Douro wineries and take a wine tour to learn all about the history of this fascinating place. Another fun activity is to take a boat cruise along the Douro River to take in the spectacular scenery while sipping a glass of locally produced wine. River cruises leave daily from the village of Pinhão. A trip to the Douro Valley isn’t complete without stopping at the São Leonardo de Galafura viewpoint for the best panoramic view!

If you visit in October, you can expect to find pleasant temperatures in the low to mid 20s°C with mostly sunny days. During the fall the hills become decorated with incredible colours. Surrounded by stunning landscapes of yellow, orange and red foliage, the Douro Valley is truly breath-taking during this time of year. With great weather, picturesque views and amazing wine, the Douro Valley is the perfect destination for your autumn travels in Europe.

Submitted by: Ann from

Alicante in October – SPAIN


Alicante is a great place to travel inside of Europe during October. While it won’t be as hot as the peak summer (June – Early September) it should still be warm, with minimal rainfall (one or two days over the entire month on average) making it the perfect setting to explore not to mention the reduction in tourist numbers, providing you with a more authentic experience, with fewer wait times and better hotel rates.

October is the perfect month to hike to the top of Santa Barbara Castle – something I wouldn’t advise in the peak summer months. The castle is situated on the top of Mount Benacantil 166m above sea level. Not only is it a fantastic place to experience some of the historical importance of the castle and Alicante as a whole, but it’s also a great viewpoint with incredible views across the city and out to sea. 

If you do find yourself visiting Alicante during one of the rainy days of the month then consider retreating indoors to Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum originally opened in 1976 and underwent a major renovation reopening again in 2011. Inside you’ll find a collection of more than 800 pieces. 

If you want to experience the beauty of fall in Alicante during October then take a stroll along Playa de San Juan. This long stretch of beach in the heart of Alicante is lined with incredible local restaurants, shops, and market stalls.

Submitted by: Cora from

Barcelona in October – SPAIN


Barcelona is beautiful in every season. But one of the best seasons to visit the Catalan capital on the northeast coast of Spain is during the fall months. In contrast to other European cities, Barcelona has a warm climate even in October and you will see the sun almost every day.

A thing you should never miss, whatever season you are traveling to Barcelona, is the famous Sagrada Família. This impressive basilica is being built for more than 100 years now which makes it the arguably most famous construction site in the world. Even though it’s still not finished, you can already enter and see this unique building for yourself. But also other activities are waiting for you during the fall months. Especially outside-activities, like visiting the breathtaking Park Güell are fun as it’s still warm outside but not as hot as during the summer months.

Depending on the weather, it might even be possible to spend a day at the beach. Because the sun warms the water of the Mediterranean throughout the whole summer, the water is still relatively warm, even in the fall, perfect for a little refreshment. But even if you don’t want to swim anymore, the temperatures are definitely warm enough to have a cool beer or sangria outside while enjoying the sun.

Another important reason to visit Barcelona in October is that most tourists prefer to visit Barcelona during the summer months. Fewer tourists lead to cheaper rates and shorter waiting times when seeing the incredible sights on your Barcelona itinerary.

Submitted by: Vicky from

Lanzarote, Canary Islands in October – SPAIN


If you’re craving warmth and sunshine, Lanzarote is a fantastic choice for October in Europe. Day time temperatures hover around 25 degrees on this Canary Island and the sea is still warm enough to swim in.

But you may be thinking that the stereotypical package holiday resorts and Irish bars of Lanzarote aren’t quite for you? Well step away from the main resorts and you will find a wild and barren island, waiting to be explored. Indeed it is very possible to get off the beaten track in Lanzarote, especially in October during school term (although do note that the end of October gets busy again with the UK school holidays).

Base yourself in the north of the island which offers the most panoramic views and unspoiled towns, as well as some beautiful secluded beaches. You will need to hire a car to get around ideally as public transport is limited. But it’s very easy to drive around the island and it only takes 40 minutes to get from the northern tip to the southern tip.

Our favourite beaches are Playa de la Cantería, by the sleepy town of Órzola in the north, and Playa de Famara, a spectacular surf beach adjoined to the chilled-out surf town of Caleta, on the west coast.

If you do want to visit the main tourist sites such as volcanoes at Timanfaya, the lava caves of Jameos del Agua and Cuevas de Los Verdes, and the houses of César Manrique, make sure you arrive early. But if you truly want to escape the crowds, take the 25 minute ferry from Órzola to Isla Graciosa. There are no paved roads on this island and only 700 people live here. As you step off the ferry, you feel like you’ve been transported a million miles away.

Submitted by Jenny from TraveLynn Family

Picos de Europa National Park in October – Northern SPAIN

Picos de Europa National Park in northern Spain mountain view

Picos de Europa National Park in northern Spain is beautiful throughout the year but autumn is the ideal time to visit. In autumn the tourists have mostly gone, or at least dwindled to a trickle, affording the opportunity to frolic in the park unencumbered by the crowds.

This lush national park sits among the autonomous Spanish regions of Leon, Asturias and Cantabria. Although Spain’s topography tends to be dry, in the north the land is green and lush with thick foliage fed by rushing creeks and rivers. This leafy-green landscape carpets the valleys and hills of Picos de Europa.  

In the fall the weather gets cooler and the leaves turn creating an explosion of color against the clear blue Spanish sky.

There is plenty to do in Picos, one of the oldest national parks in Europe, established in 1918.  And fall is the best time to do it. 

The park is famous for its challenging hikes, among them the Cres River Trail.  This trail is about 14 kilometers running from Asturias to Leon or the other way around. It starts off level but quickly ramps up to more challenging walks. The views are spectacular with soaring mountains on either side and a rushing river below. Sometimes the hike goes over hanging bridges.  You are bound to see wildlife on the trail; eagles, vultures, mountain goats, foxes and, if you’re lucky, the Cantabrian bear. 

The many adventure outfitters offer kayaking, white-water rafting, biking and more. One of the most fun things to do in Picos is to take the cable car across some of the deepest gorges.   

Submitted by: Talek from

Seville in October – SPAIN

Seville-Spain-Andalucia in October

With endless days of sunshine and the mild temperatures that October brings to Seville, this is the perfect fall getaway. Seville is much more pleasant to explore by foot in October, as opposed to the blistering heat of summer. Also, there are amazing events that go on for the entire month, including Halloween celebrations!

The entire month of October you can experience the Festival de las Naciones on Prado de San Sebastián. This celebration spans the entire street with vendors representing dozens of countries culture, food, crafts, and music. (Dates September 25th– November 3)

Another highlight of October is experiencing the celebration of the first night of fall! Noche en Blanco is the first Friday of October and is great for the cultural traveler. To celebrate the first fall day of fall the city opens up museums and the Alcazar for free! This year’s event will take place on Friday October 4th, 2019.

Halloween may be known as an American celebration, but Seville knows how to celebrate it! Head to Isla Magica a theme park that transforms into a colorful, spooky, and costume filled evening. Afterwards, hit the nightlife of Seville as many bars and clubs have Halloween inspired costume parties.

Of course, a visit to Seville would not be complete without a visit to the Plaza de España. After a long day exploring the many sights of Seville, head first for a stroll through the Parque Maria Luisa that opens up to the wonderous plaza built for the 1929 Ibero-American exposition. Full of history, culture, and fall-inspired events, Seville is one of the best destinations this October. 

Submitted by: Sarah from

Tenerife in October – SPAIN


Tenerife is one of my favorite places to visit during October. Why? Simply, because I love warm temperatures and Tenerife is the destination par excellence for fall and winter sun holidays in Spain.

Even though the island is small in size, you can easily spend a week here without seeing it all. Indeed, the highest mountain in Spain, Mount Teide, divides the island into two completely different parts: a green, humid and colder north and warm, sunny south.

This gives you plenty of choices when it comes to things to do. If you love to spend your holidays on hiking trails, head to Tenerife north. If you are a beach lover and can’t get enough Vitamin D, then, go to the South. Indeed, during October, temperatures are still warm enough in order to spend your days on the beach.

More things to do during October in Tenerife are: climbing to Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain-Visit Masca, a remote village that had no paved road access until the 60s. Its location among the Gigantes cliffs is breathtaking- A Party Night out in Costa Adeje. 

Submitted by Paulina from

Best destinations to visit in Eurasia in October

Tbilisi in October – GEORGIA (Editor’s Choice)


I had the opportunity to visit Tbilisi for over one month, starting in October, and it was the best! October is a great month to visit Tbilisi since the air is fresh and crisp, but not cold. The overall temperature was always pleasant and just perfect for exploring the historic and charming streets of Tbilisi without fighting any big crowds. The old town is lovely, especially during Autumn with the backdrop of leaves changing color; it’s truly beautiful.

If you are a food and wine lover, in general, Georgia is the country that will not disappoint. You will find plenty of delicious food and a great selection of wines to match wherever you go. The people from Georgia are very hospitable, making visitors feel welcome. 


I especially loved going on road trips from Tbilisi to explore the nature and I even visited the wine region, which I totally recommend for you to do. October is great for the harvesting wine season, so make sure to join some of the Georgian people in honor and celebration of their ancient traditions of winemaking.

There are plenty of things to do in Tbilisi, other than eating and drinking, for example you don’t want to miss experiencing one of their famous sulfur baths at a traditional bathhouse, explore the old town architecture, cross the Bridge of Peace, visit some of their historic cathedrals and monasteries, and much more! You will totally enjoy your visit to the capital of Georgia.

By: Olga Maria from Dreams in Heels

Cappadocia in October – TURKEY (Editor’s Choice)

Cappadocia Turkey Hot air balloons

Cappadocia is such a fairytale destination that, oftentimes, when you wake up in the morning and stop to look around, you’ll think that it’s fake – that such beautiful surroundings can’t be real…but they are! September and October are two of my favorite months to visit. The last time I was there during October it was just perfect; barely tourists, accommodations were cheaper, I got a great domestic flight from Fethiye for around 10 dollars, and I got to enjoy a hot air balloon riding adventure flying over Cappadocia. It was incredible! 

I also got to stay in a cave hotel, hang out with locals drinking homemade wine, take an ATV ride around the area, plus a horseback riding tour during sunset time through the rose and love valley. 

Horseback riding cappadocia turkey

There are so many amazing things to do in Cappadocia and it was much easier to do it all with less crowds. Don’t miss the Goreme National Park, and definitely don’t forget to pack a light jacket and scarf; sometimes, during the morning or evening, it can get a bit cooler, otherwise, the weather was just perfect!

By: Olga Maria from Dreams in Heels

Istanbul in October – TURKEY (Editor’s Choice)


Istanbul, Turkey is one of the most magical countries in the world! My favorite months to visit are usually September or October, the main reason being that the temperatures are quite comfortable, not as hot and humid as July and August, but also there are less tourists during those months. I really enjoy exploring the city when it’s less touristic and interacting more with the locals, who are always so friendly and obliging. 

Dreamsinheels Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul Turkiye

Personally, I am also obsessed with Turkish foods, and definitely Istanbul has so much variety that you can be trying something different every day, for practically every meal. If you’re a foodie like me, you should consider taking a food tour, to see the main highlights, as I suggest on this 3-day itinerary. But, honestly, stay longer if you can. There is so much to see and do in this fantastic city, you won’t regret the extra time to enjoy it all. In October, the leaves are changing color and the views of this city never get old. Also, make sure to go on a Bosphorus tour and to explore the Asian side of Istanbul as well because it’s more local. Istanbul is really a great city to experience the best of Europe and Asia together in one place!

By: Olga Maria from Dreams in Heels

Overall, Autumn in Europe is truly wonderful, but I think October is a great month to visit Europe. It’s especially true if you want to escape the crowds, the intense heat, and get closer to nature by admiring the beautiful fall foliage and charming cute towns with their beautiful landscapes. I hope that you enjoy Fall in Europe as much as we do! 

Have you ever been to Europe in Autumn? What was your experience like?

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